Boundary breaking: How Railjack works

Warframe10 - Boundary breaking: How Railjack works

If you were ever curious about how Railjack works, a friend and I recorded some clips and screenshots with the assistance of a handful of harmless bugs in order to show off some of the things you're probably not meant to see about how Railjack is handled in-game. Apologies for low quality gifs, they're tied to the low quality net I have.

giddywhoppingelectriceel - Boundary breaking: How Railjack works


What you're seeing in the above video is actually the inside of the Railjack being shown from the outside. If you weren't aware, the inside of the Railjack itself is actually just a stationary area outside the map that controls the "real" Railjack like an RC car. The view you see of "outside" the ship is basically a bunch of projection screens, thus the Railjack (inside) doesn't actually move at all.


A much more warped perspective showing a much more "cinema screen" effect. I'm outside of the screen borders in here, so you can only see half the screen around the Railjack interior that normally covers all the windows, with the other half being cut off because of where I am.

athleticdentaldog - Boundary breaking: How Railjack works


Lastly a quick shot of where the "inside" of the Railjack is located in relation to the rest of the map, you can't actually get to the Railjack interior from the map, and even if you manage to break out of the Railjack from inside, you'll just be ejected into archwing mode in the map normally, it's quite difficult to re-create the effect shown here.


Overall it's pretty cool how the effect is created. Using a bunch of projected skyboxes effectively, the Railjack interior is given the illusion of actually moving in space, while in reality everything just controls the actual Railjack thousands of meters away like an RC car.

Most of these boundary break methods have already been reported, but thought it would be fun to use this chance to show off some of the cool things you're not supposed to see normally.

Also in case you were curious as to how all this crazy stuff and huge area's can be created without causing massive performance issues, it's actually because everything in Railjack is about shrunken down to almost 6 times smaller than regular Warframe.

Here's a quick shot of a Hydroid, shrunk to Railjack sizes, standing on the Railjack:

BOMKNLV - Boundary breaking: How Railjack works


Meanwhile here's a shot of a Hydroid, resized to normal proportions thanks to a small bug, in the same spot:

rQO2V3V - Boundary breaking: How Railjack works


Lastly, a shot of Titania at that same upscaled size, standing inside of the Railjack at almost 3 floors tall:

tWj4TE7 - Boundary breaking: How Railjack works


That's all I have for now, I just thought it would be fun to share some of the typical boundary break stuff you get to see whenever there's new content in Warframe, and there's still a bunch of holes.

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