Can we cut the crap and accept that DE is incapable of technically complex content?

Warframe6 - Can we cut the crap and accept that DE is incapable of technically complex content?

Liches. Empyrean. Scarlet Spear. Three updates, three major disappointments. I think it's about time we accept that DE just can't technically deliver complex content without bugs, without a messed up economy or just content that is fun.

Liches are fine now, but it took them almost half a year to fix it and make it slightly fun to play. To me, if they released the current liches back then no one would have a problem with the mode. Empyrean is just not it, I'm sorry. I know some people have fun playing the mode and I don't know about the numbers, but I doubt a lot of people are really enjoying it. I simply can't care about it in any way. The new sentients enemies are boring as effe to fight against, they just aren't fun. I have no idea how they thought this design and mechanic to fight against would blow our minds. They were annoying on Lua, they are annoying now. Great tileset design though, too bad I don't want to fight them in it. Scarlet Spear… it's just a clusterfu** of everything that DE is doing wrong. Everything together at the same time, isn't it wonderful?

They simply CAN'T deliver this sort of content, they are UNABLE to do it. It's just that simple. We have to start lowering our expectations, as should DE, on what they can technically do. And that's ok, they can't make squad link work, they can't make railjack work, they can't make complex content without 1000 game-breaking bugs. For the love of God, 50% of my missions I lose the ability to jump/return to my frame/shoot, etc. The game is breaking with all of these new content that they can't get it right.


So, stop doing stuff that you can't and do stuff that you can. Last great update: The Jovian Concord.

What The Jovian Concord had? A new tileset (even though it was a remaster, still new), a new FUN game mode (Disruption is great), new stuff to farm that was WORTHWHILE, new FUN boss fight (great lore attached to it), a new FUN frame, FUN weapons, FUN mods, etc.

How can they not realize stuff like The Jovian Concord is the way to go? Sure, they made promises to us and they are trying to keep them. But goddamn, I don't care about those promises if they are going to be a mess when fulfilled. Squadlink is a broken joke, it doesn't work. We shouldn't focus on things they CAN'T do. We should focus on what they can do and what is fun to us.

DE needs to stop trying to reinvent the wheel and stick with what they are capable of delivering. Stuff that we actually are able to play and have fun playing, stuff they used to do effortlessly. Now they have these big ideas and dreams and when they attempt to make it real they fail miserably. This railjack BS is going to ruin this game, it's time to accept that they simply can't make it right.

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