Can we get some world building updates and living world updates?

Warframe1 - Can we get some world building updates and living world updates?

Okay im sure someone, somewhere already posted a request like this but i hate how warframes universe is static as hell.

We have the Orbiter radio what always plays the same stuff, the same voice lines over and over, NPC's stuck not even in movement but in basic animation loops, our quests seemingly dont have an effect on the actual world thanks to the fucked up timelines (goddamm it Flash!).

I would like to ask for some minor changes to make our world more living, connected and changing, here are some ideas:

  1. Sentinel free roaming and emotions. These guys are just static floating objects in a tank, it would be soo nice if they would finally act like the friendly "sentients" they are. Let Carrier move around ammo magazines on the ship, Helios scanning everything around him and soo on, let the small guys finally act like intelligent members of our ship.

  2. Ordis, hes a nice Cephalon but he serves no purpose. It would be nice if he would guide us when the Lotus is away or randomly join in our mission as a heavily modified cephalon drone to assist us.

  3. The orbiter radio, this thing would be great to change its tunes according to the changes of the world. Random chatter from a grineer base as Vay Hek screams at the ghouls in the background, hissing noise when the plague star returns, cybernetic sounds as the corpus mobilizes an attack against the relays and soo on…

  4. Random movements, this is a pretty simple tool to make a world more alive. Simply give it to the npcs on the open worlds and relays to make them move around and stop randomly at preprogrammed spots to perform an actions.

  5. Pssst…..yeah you, come here. Just imagine that as you move around in an open world you hear these lines and a random npc gives you . They could give you random missions for increased rewards, oppurtunities to buy local resources for credits and soo on.

  6. Black market deals. A random npc, once per a week across all relays offers you a deal you simply cant refuse. Tennogen items for plat (incase of consoles it will be two for one price bundle). The idea is that this guy is hidden appears and disappears across all relay spots and he's basically takes the spot of an already existing npc so hes no different than the regulars. Only 1 would exist and only 1 player could use it to make the impact on Tennogen minimal. It would be a nice treasure hunt style event what would rewards some lucky dude who just bumped into them.

  7. "Tennogen" voice lines. An easy way to fill the world with chatter. Give the people the oppurtunity to create voice lines for npcs and the most liked ones as a reward could be put on random npcs around the world.

  8. The Iron Wake Bureaucracy Board. Apart from hosting the usual stuff with the help of the Red Veil occassionally you can meet Corpus Directors and Grineer Generals on Iron Wake. They all signed a special contract to never give out the location of the zone just so they can make their deals in safe enviroments. Players could bribe directors there to get better drops or less dangerous enemies on their next corpus mission or take mission from the generals to take out their opponents for hefty rewards.

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