Can we have some basic standards please?

Warframe6 - Can we have some basic standards please?

Yeah so I like Limbo a lot.
May all the flame come. I don't care. I build for negative range and max duration, because I like to be just a better Frost… somewhat better Frost… Kinda. Sometimes.

But what I am noticing, especially lately is people being EXTRA salty about even just Limbo's existence. Two days ago there was this guy in the region chat, proposing that DE makes it so that you can't play Limbo in public matches and if you do, you should be at least permabanned. Yeah…

And today I was in a Mobile Defense Sortie. That one that Limbo is an autopick for me. And oh my sweet baby jesus all the salt! The second I saw the systems, I bubbled it immediately, then I dropped the datamass, picked it up with the operator and put it in the systems, because the operator ignores the bubble WHICH I DON'T KNOW WHY NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT.


Response from the team? Filing a ticket on me for "hacking" because I apparently "Picked a shit frame and hacked it to be useful." I tried to tell them that what I'm doing is doable for everybody in the game, to no use of course.
Oh yeah and every single system after it, I managed to put the bubble up, drop the datamass and… then somebody else would pick it up and would insult me to pop the bubble because what I've done is apparently impossible and they will not "hack" to progress in the mission.

I mean come on, is it really that hard for people to read for a little bit? Is it so hard to listen for once?

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