Can we just appreciate Ticker for a minute? (War Within+Sacrifice spoilers inside)

Warframe6 - Can we just appreciate Ticker for a minute? (War Within+Sacrifice spoilers inside)

Ticker is a really wonderful character for me, he's gentle and kind but there's one reason in particular that sticks out.

"One day it'll be my name on that docket. But til then, Stardust, we dance."

When I first heard that line, it almost made me cry because of how pretty and well written it was, and then I realized that it's really the only kind nickname you get.

Konzu calls you 'Killer', though it's clearly affectionately. Ordis calls you Operator, and while he cares, it still feels a little clinical. Spacemom calls you her child once or twice, but that stems more from her own psychosis and now we know she was just using us. Eudico calls you Sparky, which is admittedly kind of cute but it isn't really…kind. Its more diminutive.

Almost everyone else calls you Tenno. Almost everyone in the System looks at you and sees a warrior or a tool.

Ticker doesn't.


Maybe it's because your actions, buying people's debt and setting them free, are selfless (outside of standing of, but gameplay and story segregation is a thing.), But personally, here's what I think.

I think Ticker calls you Stardust and speaks to you with such kindness and hope because he looks past the Warframe AND the Tenno and sees the person. He sees the traumatized kid who is clearly in over their head, trying to do good. And to me, it feels like he's extending a hand, like few others in the game do, and recognizing the innocence you never got to have as well as the beautiful thing you've become.

Here he is, in what seems like a hopeless situation, and he sees you, and gives you just a little more heart than most do, because he thinks you're worth it.

I think that's really beautiful. Stardust.

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