Can we just have another Revisited update before the year ends?

Warframe11 - Can we just have another Revisited update before the year ends?

With the recent devstream causing most of the community to go up in flames, discussions have been brought up regarding stuff about useless abilities and etc. DE already has the data for it and should be looking at those abilities and buffing or reworking them.

All of this can be addressed in a simple Revisited update. The Revisited updates is probably one of the best updates this year. This one could easily be another Shrine of the Eidolon-esque update that goes over dozens of frames. Some of the things that can go in this round of Revisited could contain:


  • End of Mission Rewards changes – it has been 6 months since they've said that they'll do another write-up about this. Mission Rewards such as Credits and Endo MUST scale with MR, with certain mods to be removed from the pool as most of them are incredibly common and shares a pool with rarer items (such as warframe parts).

  • Status Effect Changes: Round 2 – The new status effect changes were okay, but it didn't manage to make other status effects a lot more useful. It has only managed to make Viral + Heat the new meta. They need to focus on Impact, Puncture, Cold, Magnetic, Blast, Gas and more recently a large topic – Void.

  • Parazon Revisit – This might be an odd one, but the Parazon has literally no role in the core game which is sad because the animations are cool! It is exclusively used for the Liches as well as to slot mods such as Untraceable or Auto Breach. Why not give into the people who want this to be a Glory Kill type of thing from DOOM to allow players to restore ammo/energy? It would especially solve the energy crisis for newer players.

EDIT: To clarify, I know there are mods that makes it so that Mercy Kills drop health/ammo/energy. I meant that they should instead be a guaranteed drop instead of a mod with a chance. Enemies could glow red/yellow when they're low on HP (20-25% hp left) to signify that they can be mercy killed, like how DOOM & Destiny handles their similar systems. This would be much better than a random chance to trigger a parazon mercy kill, or having impact procs handling that.

  • Kuva Liches: Convert Function – Converting a Kuva Lich is really useless right now. Supposedly they're going to be used for Railjack but even then, they'll still be useless. They only appear randomly throughout a mission. Why not allow players to call them in manually using a gear item? There could even be a separate skill tree that we can invest in with Kuva to enhance their abilities.

  • Frame/Ability Reworks – kind of the entire point of why i made this post in the first place. we have never had a frame rework this year.

  • Waypoint Reworks/fix – well what else can I add to this?

  • More enemy variety – another odd one, but the game really needs more enemies that are mechanic-based. Enemies such as the Nox and the newly added Saxum Rex (or whatever its called) is what the game needs more of. Either add new enemies or rework existing ones.

  • Mission reworks – Reworking missions is yet another oddball. I think everyone would love additional mission objectives on top of the main objective just like how the open world bounties work. Something like doing Spy missions without triggering alarms under 4 minutes, or doing Defection missions without getting a defector killed. I know these may sound easy, but I'm sure someone who can come up with something creative. Dynamic missions is something players would love, but not to the extent of something like a Capture mission turning into an Exterminate mission. These additional objectives should be optional, but more rewarding. It can help players to farm Rotation C rewards easily.


  • Command Intrinsic – need I say more?

  • Overall Progression Balancing – right now, there is no reason to build Tier 1 or 2 weapon and ship parts. Players can just hop onto a squad with someone who has access to it and farm Tier 3 parts instead, effectively skipping a large chunk of the grind. There's also stuff like reactors that has an extremely low drop chance, despite being something so essential.

  • More mission types – some ideas: rescue missions, spy missions, capital ship battle as seen in Tennocon 2018. Free Roam "open-world" esque that allows us to explore around a planet's atmosphere to collect resources – fight enemy stragglers and patrol ships.

  • QoL features – I really want a "return to orbiter" function to extract from a mission node. It is annoying to have to extract back to the dojo and then get back to your orbiter.

  • Squad-Link demo – squad-link is what sold Railjack. Without it, railjack is just another content island of its own. Why not ship it for Earth only? We have it on both the railjack and on-grounds starchart. This feature can be demo'd just for Earth, and then for Saturn as well. This can help riddle out some bugs and feedback can be gained.

  • Open-world Interaction – remember how in Tennocon 2018, you could call your railjack into the open world space and start a railjack mission from there? Along with Squad-Link on Earth, allow us to call our railjack into the Plains of Eidolon. This will also allow Railjack squads to contact players within the plains to do tasks for them, as seen in Tennocon 2019.

  • Kuva Lich Integration – the stuff from Tennocon 2019 needs to be added. Allow a Lich to have a capital ship, which can be accessed anytime to act as a way for players to fight their Lich at anytime instead of increasing their Rage meter. This time, the Lich will have their own custom fight with mechanics as seen in Tennocon 2019. Thrall spawns are much more common within the ship. You still need requiem mods to take them down.

This is all I have in mind for now. Feel free to suggest some more.

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