Can we please revise the name filter?

Warframe7 - Can we please revise the name filter?

Fell in love with Fortuna and fell in love with how many Australian phrases and slang is incorporated into a lot of the content. As an Australian myself I wanted to continue this trend by naming my Kitguns after Australianisms.

But when I went to gild my first Kitgun I wanted to name it "Fair Dinkum". But it just ended up setting off the In-game name filter. I don't understand how "Fair Dinkum" could be considered profanity.

I talked to some people and they say that certain letters set off the filter. In this instance I don't know what few letters could be considered profanity, but for a few unrelated letters to set off a filter when it isn't the focus or highlight of the word it happens to be in and it stops the entire name feels very obstructive. I can't imagine how many legitimate names it's stopped other people from using.

I've noticed that many other people have also expressed their frustration with the name filter and me not being able to express my culture when an entire expansion does really hits a nerve I never thought would.

I don't want the filter removed outright as I know there are many things that deserve to be filtered out. I just want it to be revised so it's less restrictive.

I'm wondering what names other people have been prevented from using due to the profanity filter nitpicking certain letters.

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