Chroma Rework idea: Making the Dragonframe actually a dragon

Warframe8 - Chroma Rework idea: Making the Dragonframe actually a dragon

First off: Chroma is far from bad and there are frames that need reworks more than him but, for how wasted his elemental dragon concept is, I think he still deserves a rework.

Passive: When Chroma is affected by any of the base 4 elements he gains a stacking 10% damage resistance to the base 4 elements that maxes out at 50% Grants a damage multiplier to the 3rd ability based on damage resistance while casted.

Reasoning: His current passive sucks. It would be way better on Zephyr because chroma doesn’t really benefit from being in the air longer. This passive benefits him by adding survivability and high weapon damage.

1st Ability: Ethereal Wall. 25 energy. Chroma breaths his selected element to create a wall in front of him that continuously deal damage with very high status chance. Chroma can take damage from this power, activating his passive. Hold to switch elements

Reasoning: The passive was a good idea, but it didn’t feel practical without a way to activate it consistently, Chroma should also be able to breathe fire better than the asthmatic wheeze that spectral scream is.

Modding: Strength affects damage and Status chance

Range affects length, width, and height of the wall

Duration affects the duration of the wall itself

Efficiency affects casting cost and the self damage taken. Higher efficiency = less self damage.

2nd Ability: Shed Skin. 50 energy. Chroma sheds his pelt, granting movement speed but reducing armor. The pelt acts like like a following sentry dealing damage with a spectral scream-like attack that deals low damage but stuns enemies. (Damage type is affected by selected element) Has a limited duration but doesn’t drain energy overtime.

Reasoning: His 1 and his 4 were Chromas worst abilities, but they were also his most dragon-like abilities. Combining them to create a following CC sentry lets it have a practical use while keeping the Dragon theme.

Modding: Strength affects damage and health of the follower

Range affects movement speed and attack range

Duration effects duration of ability and duration of the stun.

Efficiency affects casting cost

3rd Ability: Elemental Aura. 75 Energy. Chroma activates an elemental aura with different effects based on the chosen element. Heat increases health, Electricity boosts shields, Ice strengthens armor, and Toxin increases speed (Movement speed and fire rate)

Damage taken (including from ethereal wall) is added to the auras damage and can scale very well in late-game missions.

Every instance of the passive damage resistance is converted into 50% damage increase to base weapon damage (It is added as the active element)


Reasoning: Vex Armor and Elemental Ward are good abilities, but they basically don’t fit Chromas dragon theme, and Lavos has completely overtaken Chroma as master of the elements. Combining their effects while making the aura deal scaling damage is a good way to make new chroma feel unique without forgetting old chroma.


Strength affects the elemental boost, aura damage, and the damage buff granted by the passive.

Range affects the aura range.

Duration affects the ability duration

Efficiency affects the casting cost.

4th ability: Hydras Wrath: Chroma unleashed the full power of his Pelt, becoming a gigantic, 4-headed Hydra. This form is an exalted Nechramech with a flame/Electricity/Ice/Toxin thrower weapon. Increases credits gained while active.

While in Hydra form. All of Chromas other abilities are replaced by a more powerful “Hydra” version.

Hydra’s Wall: Fires 4 walls, 1 of each element, parallel to each other. Also increase the length and height of the walls and removes self damage.

Expel and Command: The Hydra expels Chroma from its body, turning him into a projectile that causes an AoE of all 4 elements on landing. Chroma is in his shed form outside of the hydra and the Hydra is a following companion.

Tapping his 2nd ability while a Hydra companion is active will command it to attack an area/enemy.

Swapping elements is still done by holding the button. It now changes the element of the Hydras primary attack by moving its heads around.

Hydra’s Aura: The Hydra activates all 4 elemental auras boosting its shields, health, armor, and speed while dealing rhythmic pulses of elemental damage around it. Always gives the maximum damage boost, evenly split between all 4 elements.

Reasoning: Dragons are giant badass death lizards that can fly around and destroy things, not a mediocre turret that boosts credits gained. Besides: Chroma requires the player to reach and beat Kela de Thaym on Sedna before building him, so it’s safe to say that players who get him organically will be far enough to farm ISO vaults on Deimos for the mods.

Modding: Power mods on the Hydra only affect the Hydra version of the abilities.

Strength affects the base health, armor, and shields of the Hydra. As well as the base damage of the heads.

Range affects the attack range of the heads.

Duration affects the energy drain of the Hydra form

Efficiency affects the energy drain of the hydra form.

Edit: A separate Dragon frame would be a good idea, similar to how Revenant was originally supposed to be a vampire before he became Eidolon-based then Garuda became the vampire frame.

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