Command Intrinsics needs to be more than just giving us NPCs on the railjack

Warframe4 - Command Intrinsics needs to be more than just giving us NPCs on the railjack

So as I'm reaching the end of my Intrinsics grind (150 more please end me), I've been pondering what it would take to make the yet unannounced Command Intrinsics actually viable. If it's just NPCs that you can sort of control… Is that really going to cut it? An entire 1023 points around that?

So I thought about the things I ran into during all my missions which could stand to see some QoL, but not necessary and worth the investment cost to unlock. Then I thought about how DE typically likes to gate certain things behind progress (like energy regen systems) or what essentially become mandatory for QoL (like vacuum). I think I found a decent middle ground:

1* Gives you 2x crew members you can recruit (npcs) which automatically fill spots until player cap is met. * You can assign them to do forge tasks / side gun * If Crew members are downed, you can revive them (think kubrow/kavat). * If they die, you will have to revisit the Dry Dock to heal or replace them (also think kubrow/kavat). * Default behaviors are to sidegun and repair.
2* Increases the speed your crew move at / complete tasks. * Your animations to interact with things on the railjack are faster.
3* You can mark targets for crew to focus on if they are in the guns. * Marking an engine / weak point on a crew ship sets the FA crew to fire on it, side guns will ignore this mark (until they fix that invuln thing at least) * +1 permanent crew member, even if all player slots are full.
4* Crew members gain "default" roles: can be set to prioritize repairs, guns, forge, boarding parties, etc. * Creates a "role selection" in the Tactical Menu for players to fill select roles created by you. * Allows host to disable Battle/Tactical Avionics for other players (selection persists through missions, can be updated via Tactical Menu)
5* Crew members gain access to your other Intrinsics up to Rank 5. This includes things such as Recall Warp, Safe Flight, Artillery Command, Dome Charge Forge, etc. * Players on your ship also benefit from these (i.e. you can take a new player and they won't feel quite so useless :V).
6* Crew members benefit from your weapon mods when dealing with boarding parties or joining on assaults. * Longer bleedout timer for downed Crew members. * Crew can be assigned to "Optimization Station" below the forges to empower your railjack damage (all sources) by 10%. * If a crew member is attacked by boarders while optimizing, suffer -30% damage until the station is repaired (maybe a hacking minigame?)
7* Crew members can "Overcharge" the ship to replenish Flux/Boost (120s cd) when your Flux is below 15% or Boost is below 5%. * You can now spend some of your warframe's energy to give the railjack Flux/Boost regeneration via "overcharge" (180s cd). * "Overcharge" is a buff which lasts 25s in which you regenerate 2% your total flux/boost every 3s. * By default this becomes the #4 skill while piloting or on a sidegun. Can also be activated via Tactical Menu. (Trying to find a power balance here is tricky, but just a bit of regen like this shouldn't shake things up too much and it'll have the side effect of more variance in Reactor choices)
8* Improves Archwing Energy generation, adds health regeneration, and reduced shield recharge delay. (I mean, all the other R8 ones are archwing so…)
9* Optimization Station Grants your railjack overshields when your shields are at full capacity for >10 seconds. * Increase drop chance of Flux energy restores from destroyed ships.
10* All players/crew benefit from all your other Intrinsics up to Rank 9. * Deploy a drone to collect all drops in a mission. (either as a vacuum bandaid fix to greatly expand the range or as a more preferable instant loot system) * Requires an Extractor to deploy (which gives them new use! yay?) * Extractors cannot be destroyed, but any damage taken will eat at its durability for deployment. Each mission deployment will cost between 0-10 durability points, maximum with damage taken is 25. Same durability regen mechanics as deploying them on systems (time to heal). If durability reaches 0, a message will play to alert the player and a new drone can be deployed if one is available. * Titan Extractors will feed you the collected drops as the mission goes on and stay deployed until either durability is expended or dry docked. * Distilling Extractors will help destroy resource objects and collect all drops but only deliver once the mission is completed. * Prime Variants just have more durability.

This way you still get the NPCs helping with core functions, with some improvements to their general usability. The most important features here being how you can empower both the NPCs and the players who are on board your railjack. I think that should be the focus of this particular set of Intrinsics: Empowering the entire crew, NPC or player.


The "Free" Buffs

The "Optimization Station" is more of a way to make sure that Crew aren't completely useless on a fully decked-out crew of max and coordinated players, but still with a penalty if things do go wrong.

"Overcharge" is the most questionable thing for balance here, but as a solo player you really feel the sting of the recent nerfs to Flux regeneration mechanics. Overcharge will still require you to pump resources into the forges to restore more Flux in bulk, but this should be a nice bandaid to help you mid-mission. If %based restore doesn't feel quite right, it could just be switched to a static value.

And the more controversial choices of limiting QoL behind higher ranks / obfuscation:

Not being able to mark targets while piloting feels awful. I don't even think it would be possible to place marks with how this game mode is put together (like how you can't place markers while in a menu or hacking a console), but hopefully they could add something to allow it.

Disabling other players from using your Battle/Tactical Avionics feels like it should be a core feature. But, if we can't get that QoL update, the Command line would be a great place to put it in and Intrinsics Rank 4 (15 points) is pretty easy to reach.

Increasing Flux drops from enemy ships won't fully undo the change they made, especially since this intrinsic won't be changing the fact abilities negate their chance to drop any, but hopefully it will help just enough to be worth it in solo play. Putting this one at R9 (511 points) is really iffy for me — if you've already been playing Railjack for a while, great this will be an easy an desirable get. If you're just starting as this comes out… This is too steep of an investment to reach as opposed to hitting the core 6777(7) Intrinsics spread.

And finally, looting woes. If DE really wants to stick to their guns of forcing you to fly around every which way to pray you get the right resources to maintain your forge, to chase after Avionics and Wreckage that fly off to goddamn nowhere, and such, hopefully this will appease them. A psuedo-consumable (which auto-replenishes). It's also at a steep 1023 total investment cost which gives you plenty of time to… "enjoy" the current loot design and is an opt-in feature you do not have to use if you prefer looting as is now.

But this is all a pipe dream and I'm sure DE already has something cooked and ready-ish to deploy. Even if they were open to the suggestions, it would be very difficult to act on them at this time.

Anyways, hopefully this sparks some discussion. BACK TO THE GRIND I GO YEEHAW

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