Community Created Warframe – Nux the Telepathic Warframe

Warframe7 - Community Created Warframe - Nux the Telepathic Warframe

tMtc9wB - Community Created Warframe - Nux the Telepathic Warframe
the Telepath Warframe.

Passive: Nux deals 10% increased damage to enemies that are not targetting Nux. This applies to enemies that are not alerted to Nux's presence, are under the effect of crowd-control, or her abilities.

Ability 1: Brain-Wash

Target an enemy with Brain-Wash to have them temporarily aid Nux and her allies. Targets then fired upon by Nux receive a damage multiplier. Enemies affected by Brain-Wash will periodically taunt nearby enemies.

  • Augment: Brain Freak – Enemies affected by Brain-Wash continuously pulse out damage based on a fraction of their built-up damage multiplier. Scales off of Nux's Ability Strength and Range.

Ability 2: Telepathic Bolts

Nux launches a cluster of force bolts at enemies, using telekinesis to adjust flight paths and seek nearby targets. Hits strip some enemy defenses and Nux gains increased Shields and Armor based on the number of enemies affected by Telepathic Bolts as well as her own Ability Strength. Number of targets affected scales off of Ability Range.

  • Augment: Impeding Bolts – Affected enemies are temporarily stunned and spread Telepathic Bolts to nearby enemies when they die.

Ability 3: Pandemonium

With a powerful psychic blast, Nux causes mass hysteria on the battlefield by confusing all enemies to attack random factions. Enemies affected by Pandemonium are affected by a Radiation status effect for the duration of the ability.

  • Augment: Pandemonium Sphere – allows Pandemonium to create a circular radius that affects enemies entering within its range for a fraction of its duration. Enemies affected by Pandemonium have a 15% to drop Energy Orbs and Health Orbs.

Ability 4: Telepathic Barrier

Nux has her movement speed reduced by 20% and absorbs all incoming damage and channels that collected energy into an explosive radial discharge. The erected barrier's strength is affected by Nux's armor, shields and damage resistances prior to her casting of the skill.

  • Augment: Terminator Barrier – using Telepathic Barrier increases Nux's movement speed and allows some of the absorbed damage to be dealt periodically to enemies within range of Nux. Damage and range are affected by mods.

Because there is a clear demand for a Psychic / Mind-Control Warframe within the community, I thought up this wholly original idea for a new Warframe based off of one of my favorite Warframes that doesn't see much play any more. Under normal circumstances, I'd call for DE to buff that other Warframe but after years of asking for buffs, I figured I might try a new approach. For some of you, this might seem a bit petty. For everyone else, I hope that you can see what I'm trying to do. Not everyone is a pessimist like me but I feel like hijacking this competition feels like the only solution to get DE's attention. You're free to upvote or downvote however you please but I would like to hear your thoughts on what should be improved or changed in the comment section. Xylophone.

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