Companion Health Adds No Value To The Game

Warframe14 - Companion Health Adds No Value To The Game

Frankly, they should just be immortal

I've calmed down a little from my original comment, but I will make my case here.

Fundamentally, no amount of survivability given to companions will be enough. This is palpably demonstrable with the new infested companions, who are functionally immortal. These companions are actively planning to die, which is how far the companion game has come – it's become such an overbearing problem that the only way to introduce a hype new companion is to just play into the fact that they're going to die.

Well, why make them die? At this point, it's for legacy reasons. Companions have always had health, always had the potential to die, and some mods and designs have been made around the assumption that that matters – (primed) regen, spare parts, that one kavat precept that means they sometimes don't die, and now the new infested companions.

Little steps here and there trying to put a bandaid over a gaping wound. Kubrows, on release, were horrifying. They could be deleted from your account if you didn't care for them well enough, required constant maintenance, and didn't in any particular way justify their existence. They've scarcely even improved, but have benefited greatly from other changes. Bit by bit the systems in place have been chipped at – the nutrio incubator to prevent deletion, then just getting rid of deletion entirely and making the nutrio an upgrade to efficiency, and the introduction of kavats which just don't deal with loyalty because the mechanic is, frankly, dumb and bad and only becomes more so the more companions don't use it, and recently the elimination of the stasis system that made companions an absolute nightmare to use different versions of.


It was in my opinion only a matter of time until we tackled death. So, here we are: companions that are immortal, and don't require you to tend to them.

I'm a bit frustrated by this change. On the one hand, nice, finally some companions that are immortal, on the other hand, it presents more of a hurdle to just getting rid of the whole damn system, which is in my opinion the sanest option we've had for a while.

Still, given a suggestion someone else made, it may prove the option with the least need for rebalancing: let all companions auto revive, and affect how long they're out of action with relevant mods.

As for sentinels, make (primed) regen affect a delay between sentinel usability, with a maxed primed regen reducing the delay to a very small amount. Sentinels were already ride or die, so there's not much reason to affect their gameplay too severely with these changes.

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