Complaining about complaining is how a community festers and dies. Focus on the problem.

Warframe7 - Complaining about complaining is how a community festers and dies. Focus on the problem.

Half of the posts on this sub are critique about how badly handled Scarlet Spear is. While I'm hopeful DE will change some stuff up, I'm not optimistic, especially considering that the in-game chat on PC has been down for the better part of an hour at this point and doesn't seem to be coming back up anytime soon, making the operation kind of impossible at the moment.

Railjack wasn't even a dumpster fire– it was a grease fire, and DE didn't realize that and poured water on it with this event. DE absolutely deserves all the backlash it's getting for this poorly-implemented event (for fuck's sake, I literally can't fire the weapons on my fucking jack!) and hopefully decides to actually bug test shit like this in the future.

But for the love of god, do not, and I repeat, do not complain about people complaining. Yes I realize that's what I'm doing, but hear me out.

I have seen several communities fold in on themselves and burn to the ground because of some cosmic-scale clusterfuck occurring and a vocal minority rising up. This leads to people saying 'it's not that bad' or 'quit whining like you could do better' or 'it's really really hard to do X appreciate what you have'. This in turn leads to people complaining about the people who are attempting to quell the complaining, and the community becomes a toxic cesspit of people who are never satisfied about anything and hold sheer contempt for the creators of the content they once appreciated, as well as each other.


Warframe has one of the most supportive communities I've seen in gaming, and I don't want that to change. Focus on the problem here– go after DE's bizarre decisions with regards to the economy, level scaling, and not testing their goddamn event, not each other.

Corollary: For the love of god, be civil to DE. Present it as critique, save the rant for the Thursday thread. God knows what kind of burnout the programmers and bug testers are dealing with after the crunch for Empyrean in December, on top of having to work from home, likely without full access to notes and material they have on bugs and updates.

This goes double for the community managers– Space Mom and Megan likely have no control over what's going on here, and I dread to think what kind of vile shit a (very small) part of the community is throwing at them over this. I can guarantee that almost everyone involved is even less happy about this than we are.

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