Confused on What to Do After Vor’s Prize and How to Do It :(

Warframe8 - Confused on What to Do After Vor's Prize and How to Do It :(

Hey guys, I just started Warframe a couple days back and so far i'm really liking it. From modding to bullet jumping, I think I get the basics, if you will, but I feel completely stuck after completing all of Vor's Prize missions. Essentially what happened was I did all of the missions as required in order, then I took out Vor, really fun, but then I returned to my Ship in Orbit and was told by the girl who awoke us that I can now do anything i want, just go out and do the missions.

From this point on I was very confused. I opened Navigation and there were two missions available to me only. One of them I have yet to choose and I believe this is the "Correct" mission I am supposed to follow. But then the other mission, the one I had chosen, had taken me to the DLC Plains of O, the open world portion of Warframe. All of a sudden i was in a city like in Neverwinter or WoW type MMORPGs with players running around and speaking with NPCs.

The game went from a fairly easy to understand Xcom-like mission based, where you chill in your home base upgrading what you can and etc. then selecting a mission, going on the mission, completing the mission and then getting XP and Loot and etc. then returning to the home base for more upgrading and etc. and story-line advancement.


The first few hours of Warframe was like this, accept the mission, do mission, come back to ship, upgrade where needed, then accept the mission and so on.

But all of a sudden now I'm in a giant city filled with other players, no waypoints telling me what to do or where to go, and then all of a sudden I walk through a door and i'm in an Open World segment with 3 other players miles around, again with no way points or quest logs or anything.

The only thing i could do was abort the mission in the settings panel and I chose to come back to Orbit rather than return to that terrifying and confusing city and open world segment.

Sorry for the ramble, I'm just confused as I was really starting to love this game but now I literally can do nothing but stare at my Navigation and say well fuck…

TLDR: Beat Vor, was then told by the game to pretty much fuck off into the open universe and that is that. Game over? No way! What about the missions? What about the loot? What about completing the Junctions? My game went from mission based to no missions at all and just a walking sim. What am I supposed to be doing? I know there are more missions! Before Plains of O the game made total sense to me, but now I'm not sure.

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