Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.10.4

Warframe6 - Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.10.4

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Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.10.4

Our team is working on fixes of all kinds for our fourth Hotfix since Friday’s release. While we focus on fixes and functionality, we will be reading and collecting feedback in parallel for review and discussion.

As we continue to read Feedback and collect Bugs, our public Trello board will be updated:

Railjack Changes & Fixes:

  • Moved Crew member VO upon Hire to play when you equip them for your team as opposed to when you initially Hire them from Ticker to have them not get drowned out or cut off.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if the level changed while having the Dojo Room Selection or Railjack Tactical Menu open.

  • Fixed crashing when entering a Wormhole on Pluto.

  • Fixed crash when using certain Warframe Abilities during Dry Dock transition.

  • Fixed Affinity from Railjack missions can be reapplied by enter/exiting Free Flight.

  • Fixed Crew members being invisible for Clients if they joined-in-progress while they were in Turrets. Also fixed Clients joining-in-progress and not being able to get into Turrets after ordering the Crew member out of the Turret.

  • Fixed Plexus missing from your Profile stats.

  • Fixed Client's Railjack colors getting overridden by Host's when using the Railjack Dry Dock consoles.

  • Fixed a script error related to Capital Ship spawning.


Fixes :

  • Fixed a rare livelock that could occur when loading into a new level.

  • Fixed becoming stuck outside your body while in the Orbiter if you visit certain menus in a specific order.

  • Fixed Vauban’s Vortex no longer sucking enemies in.

  • Fixed cases of Duplicate Protection logic not working for some Nightwave Rank up rewards.

    • We’ve also made the tooltip on reward hover more clear that you’ll receive Nightwave Cred as compensation.
  • Fixed inability to re-enable Energy gain from Energizing Dash after leaving Zephyr’s Tail Wind Hover via Operator.

  • Fixed Interception, Kuva Siphons, and Void Fissure objective UI indication missing from the HUD.

  • Fixed ability to obtain the Verglas Sentinel Riven from a Rifle Riven Mod as opposed to the intended Companion Weapon Riven Mod.

  • Fixed the Oscira Syandana, Pulchranopsis Syandana, and the Avia Prime Syandana being misaligned on the Zephyr Harrier Skin.

  • Fixed Excalibur being on display instead of Xaku when viewing the Xaku Collection in the Market.

  • Fixed Defense alarm repeating playback on each Defense wave. Defense alarm sound will now only play when the Defense objective is activated the first time.

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