Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.10.5

Warframe11 - Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.10.5

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Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.10.5

Our team is working on fixes of all kinds for our fifth Hotfix since Friday’s release. While we focus on fixes and functionality, we will be reading and collecting feedback in parallel for review and discussion.

As we continue to read Feedback and collect Bugs, our public Trello board will be updated:

Railjack Changes & Fixes:

  • Added a new Railjack ‘Wear & Tear’ slider to the Customizations options for the interior! Similar to the Wear & Tear slider for the exterior of the Railjack, this slider adjusts the level of erosion that the interior reflects. In addition, we’ve added a coloring option for the exposed metal erosion (similar to the Orbiter Interior Wear & Tear)!

  • Railjack Pause menu now offers a "Return to Dojo" option that returns you to the Dry Dock instead of "Abort Mission" which would rudely kick you straight back to your Orbiter.

  • Added respective Kuva Lich ability information to the Kuva Lich details tooltip and the Crew selection screen Lich tooltip.

    • e6a03d40f0298e34ad0ea22ac13c5239 - Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.10.5
  • Updated various Capital Corpus Ships Missile Volley effects to be more Corpus-y.

  • Fixed crashes related to enemy Crewships.

  • Fixed a Railjack mission join-in-progress crash.

  • Fixed a crash in the Tactical Menu when the spectated player disconnects.

  • Fixed a rare crash if you had Corpus Ice Sleds and Boarding parties happen at the same time.

  • Fixed End of Mission screen getting stuck if you left a Railjack Defense mission and travelled directly to another Railjack mission (i.e. didn't return to Dry Dock in between).

  • Fixed the Corpus Capital Ship entrance door context action disappearing if you didn’t make it before Cy started his airlock countdown. This resulted in other squadmates being unable to enter the Capital Ship after the countdown – they can now come join the party!

  • Fixed getting teleported back to the Railjack during Cys airlock countdown in the Capital Ship.

  • Fixed Clients unable to Pilot the Railjack if the Host is Piloting it while they join-in-progress.

  • Fixed Clients unable to vote for the next Railjack mission after just completing a Railjack mission.

  • Fixed Client Railjack Ammo not receiving full ammo load at mission start if you launch a Railjack mission from Orbiter as a squad.

  • Fixed when Hildryn exits and re-enters the Railjack with Larkspur equipped as her Archwing Weapon, the max Artillery/Missile count will increase by 300, allowing the accumulated missiles to increase past their intended cap.

  • Fixed players without a Railjack being able to launch Railjack missions from Orbiter Star Chart.

  • Fixed cases of Crew member transmissions getting mixed on for Crew members of the same Syndicate alignment.

  • Fixed the ‘Reset Defaults’ button on the Crew appearance screen not resetting the equipment and only resetting the color.

  • Fixed Crew attachment selection being inconsistent for second chosen limb (Right Arm after Left Arm, etc).

  • Fixed Red Veil aligned Crew members not holding their daggers in the Crew selection screen.

  • Fixed Crew Equip, Train, Equip etc options not obeying Menu Scale changes.

  • Fixed Railjack Plating not being indicated as equipped which can lead to accidentally Scraping it. As reported here:
    ?tab=comments#comment 12082170 - Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.10.5



  • Numerous Chat Emojis have received a face lift! In addition, new Emojis are here:

    • Crazy, Eyes, Peace, StarEyes, SweatSmile and Wave.


  • Optimized hitches out of numerous Railjack missions.


  • When linking an owned Veiled Riven Mod it will now be displayed as ‘Veiled Riven Mod’ to distinguish it from linking the base Riven Mod type.


  • Fixed Acolytes not spawning in Uranus Steel Path missions.

  • Fixed Necramech Exalted weapon (Arquebex, Iron Bride) Affinity gained not appearing in the End of Mission screen (visual UI bug only).

  • Fixed selection discrepancies when switching the Inbox sorting option from ‘Attachments’ to ‘Recent’.

  • Fixed a script error that could break Zephyr's Tornado.

  • Fixed Zephyr’s Dive Bomb Damage increase applying to Conclave.

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