Could we get a new dual dagger with one that can be thrown?

Warframe7 - Could we get a new dual dagger with one that can be thrown?

New weapons often feel like a new spam e gameplay.

Here's an idea: Could we get a new powerful enough dual dagger melee weapon with the particularity of us being able to throw one?

Something half-way to glaive-like weapons, where you can still hit when you've thrown the weapon since you have two but can't benefit from rebounds and thrown weapon mods.

The mechanics for it would be for example the single hit from the thrown knife would deal an automatic slash proc with good damage (might be a bonus on crit for example?) or the throw would be considered as a real heavy attack but from a distance. Would be great on a hybrid heavy/combo set up, with zenurik and all.

We could have to retrieve the thrown knife to balance the ability to still hit when one knife has been thrown. A bit like ferrox if we don't get it back manually it would eventually repop in our hands, preventing us from using the throw mechanic until it does.


Maybe a secondary weapon with very litttle ammunition but high damage and status would do the trick as well:

Imagine a secondary that is a single or maybe two knifes: the throw animation and projectile speed would are very fast, you have a charger of 2, 8-ish ammo at your belt and a standard reload time but when the knife hits a target it continuously procs status and auto bleed on the target.


The high damage and bleed would get rid of heavy targets at standard level, but the focus would be heavy targets at high level, complementing a melee style.
Maybe when the target dies the knife would fall on the ground and stay there for a second to grab it and instantly reload, meaning when you spot a nox, bursa etc you click forward combo melee and right when you get to hit the big procs have begun accumulating. Wouldn't be broken, since mono-target (look at bows and sniper on regular missions…) and having to go there and grab it to negate a 1-1.5~ish second reload would be at best decent.

Also, since it would deal a lot of damage on one target with the procs and prepare it for what's next with a fast protections strip, it would play well with mechanics that count the damage you deal to a single target like tesla bank or you could leave the knife in a tanky unit with saryn and go away to spread the spores elsewhere, since the knife will eventually kill the unit and spread it in a few seconds with the procs accumulating.

In conclusion, i like knifes and daggers, they're dynamic, practical and versatile and i'd like to see this feeling more represented in the game. The melee gameplay is strong right now, but more variety in it will always be welcome.

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