Current Arbitration Excavation World Record – 226 digs

Warframe14 - Current Arbitration Excavation World Record - 226 digs

yz6e6f88dk231 - Current Arbitration Excavation World Record - 226 digs

6hrs 2mins

18p4ftpfdk231 - Current Arbitration Excavation World Record - 226 digs

So much Endo!

okjkzuy8lk231 - Current Arbitration Excavation World Record - 226 digs

OMG It's over 5000

Arbitration Discord:
mpSpx8k - Current Arbitration Excavation World Record - 226 digshttp://discord.gg/mpSpx8k

  • Keep up to date on announcements and notifications of the Current Arbitration Mode in #current-arbitration
  • Read and get involved discussions on #discussion
  • Look for groups with other like minded players with #lfg
  • As of 06/05/2019, discord has over 1.5K subscribed members

VOD Streamed by XoXFaby on: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/434744938

My POV (AznWarMonger) on: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/434745660

Guide with Builds:
Arbitration Excavation – The Endo Guide


  • 106,750 Endo (294 Endo/min)
  • 25 x Orta Sculptures
  • 113 x Vitus Essence
  • 4 x Seeding Steps
  • 10 x Aura Forma
  • 3mins 13sec per rotation
  • Enemies got to level 5767

Team Composition was 3x Khora, 1x Frost

Past Result : https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/bwewwm/arbitration_excavation_184_dig_results/

Cool Fact:

Credited to XoXFaby to figure and show us this, Khoras can prevent their Venaris from dying by parking them at a safe spot away from all encounters. This can be done by teleporting them by targeting yourself. Once Venari has been teleported to your location, they can be parked by making Venari targeting itself in heal mode.


qiqo3d07qk231 - Current Arbitration Excavation World Record - 226 digs

Ensuring your Venari is safe.

This Excavation Summary

We've lost more than 15 excavators. Four deaths happened, (sorry guys) last one around 225 digs made us decide to extract. We've performed 3 revives, one being at dig 170ish against level 4000+ drones because of a host migration. We've recover. We can now predict excavation drops which improve rotations speeds drastically. Despite all the setbacks, we've managed to stay close towards the 3 minute/rotation mark. Method to deal with host migration and to predict excavation spawns have been added into the
edit?usp=sharing - Current Arbitration Excavation World Record - 226 digs


This run, we've tested the theory whether or not health orbs drop in this mission mode. It turns out, they don't. Health Conversion mode would be less useful and so we will be bringing sentinel setup to deal damage with Synth Deconstruct equipped to force Health Orbs to drop on Djinn.

Arsonistic (Frost) suggested possible changes to increase usefulness of Frost's Globe at very late stages of digs by bringing Natural Talent.

We believe we can improve and go further than this.

Good luck out there Tenno. As always, you'll know where to find us. IGN: AznWarMonger

v9ljfcbmkk231 - Current Arbitration Excavation World Record - 226 digs

"Man the affinity sucks here, lets extract!" – Dooolan

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