Current state of Railjack fast guide for people who have no idea what the fuck they need to do

Warframe6 - Current state of Railjack fast guide for people who have no idea what the fuck they need to do

Making the Railjack go from hangar queen to the battlefield

  • you go to your dry dock and enter the Railjack through the entrance walkways on the right and left of the ship. You should get a mission where you go to Lua, take a key, don’t die, and get back to the ship. Some cool stuff happens during all this so don’t rush it.

  • after this you should go to the controls page, find the railjack controls down at the bottom of the page, and bind “roll” to something. Seriously it’s hard to fly without this.

Shakedown cruise, or how to enter Free Flight and put into practice some of these tips

  • You go to your railjack’s front and activate the disk looking thing inbetween the rail that goes to the glass and the wall. From there you can go select a mission. I personally recommend setting your game to solo and then going into free flight.

  • Once you’ve loaded into free flight, walk over to the rail by the windows and activate it. You’ll be pulled into the controls and then be fully capable of flying your rail jack. You use your mouse to aim around and point where the ship should go. Your mouse does not return to center tho, so you’ll have to put it back to center when you want to stop turning. You have 6 axes of movement: forward, backward, strafe right, strafe left, up, and down. Courtesy of binding roll to a couple of keys, you can also pitch up, pitch down, yaw right, yaw left, roll right, and roll left. Surprisingly good controls for a vehicle in a third person shooter.

  • Your Railjack has a flight deck (pilot, navigation, and artillery when you unlock that), gunner stations (the two side guns, an arsenal, and an archwing launcher), an empty space that mostly just acts as a battle ground for boarding parties tbh, and then the engineering area with the forges that let you make basic things. You need materials found in mission to use the forges.

  • Leaving the Railjack and entering archwing mode is a smart thing to do sometimes. It’s also a pain to get back in unless you learn which entrances lead where. The one at the bottom of the Railjack leads to the gunner stations, the side ones lead to the empty area, and all the others are largely pointless.


Final preparations before you start a mission

  • Go find the Railjack management console in the dojo. It’s where you did all the other things that got you this far so you probably know where it is. Scrolls around the different tabs, because you can’t really do much yet but customizing is cool and making items for the Railjack makes life a helluva lot easier (First and third items are most important this early on). If you need more basic resources you can get them the same way you got them to get yourself a Railjack.

  • try and get a crew together. Don’t try and figure this shit out on your own. It really is insanity if you do it solo.

Out of the drydock and into the heat of battle

  • If you’re solo, you’re everything. You fly, you gun, and you board. You’re a 4 person ship operated by one person. Such is life.

  • Pilot: you fly the thing and shoot the guns. If you have gunners, try not to fly too erratically. That’s how your gunners grow to hate you. Host usually flies, that’s just how it is. Don’t leave the ship unless you really have to. While flying you’re trying to get resources to you engineer.

  • Gunner: You shoot things (who would’ve guessed). You are also the boarding party depending on circumstance. You are also archwing support. You also repel boarding parties. Basically you kill things and that’s you sole purpose.

  • Engineer: welcome to micromanagement hell. You fix everything, craft everything, and otherwise make this ship work. It’s not glamorous and you’re a backup gunner at times. Learn how to seal cracks good and hit the sweet spot for fires. It’s truly helpful. Use your gear wheel to find your extinguisher, then constantly use it. It’s not too complicated, just tedious on your own.

And that’s my crash course on this shit because nobody seems to have made any guides yet and I’ll update this in the morning idk. Expect patches to change things but this is how it is right now.

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