DE, as a Vet who has barely touched the game since Disruption, I don’t need more guns.

Warframe12 - DE, as a Vet who has barely touched the game since Disruption, I don't need more guns.

We've been complaining about not having a reason to play the game, and there being no end-game content for a long time now. You've been trying to remedy this since Plains of Eidolon, and it hasn't been going too well due to the scaling in the game being so out of whack that you can't put anything in front of us without it having unfun mechanics or it getting blown up in 2 seconds.

Do you want to know why I didn't barely the game when Liches came out, and why I'm not excited for Railjack anymore?

Because I don't see a point to grind for 13 new weapons when I've already got 60+ weapons I enjoy using, have fully formaed, and have specific builds for. I could have seen a point in grinding for those weapons just to say I have them, but the way you get weapons from Kuva Liches is just so unfun and tedious that I flat out don't see a point to bother with it. This is to say nothing of the fact that I could grind out 20 Liches, finally get the weapon I wanted to use, and it has horrendous stats because for some odd reason you decided to make that RNG based too.

Then I hear about Railjack, the new update we've been waiting for so long for… and again, I'd have to pray to RNGesus, Lootcifer, and who knows who else in order to get a good part or do it all over again. That's not why I play Warframe. I fell in love with Warframe because Ivara was Ivara, Atlas was Atlas, Opticor was Opticor, Odanata was Odanata. This RNG clown fiesta is actively hurting the game more than it's helping.


See, the thing is DE, I have weapons. I have everything I need to boot up, go into a random match, and kill Grineer/Corpus/Infested. Giving me 20 new weapons isn't going to make the fact that I'm just running the same unchallenging missions I've been running for 1500 hours any more appealing, and the acquisition method of the new stuff just makes me not want to bother doing it. For some unknowable reason, we said "We don't have anything to do in the late game and it's not giving us a reason to stick around between updates" and you heard "Make the updates worse so that way we play longer".

We need Raids. We need an actual lovecraftian horror to come out of the Plains when we kill Harry. We need the third Orb Mother. We need proper balancing and scaling to make that happen. We need to be given a way to connect everything together instead of each instance of gameplay being separated and held in their own little island.

We need a reason to actually log in instead of just collecting Shotgun #20 except it deals Toxin damage or Rifle #120 except it's slightly worse than Boltor Prime but better than Burston Prime. And that log in needs to not be a chore like Sorties, Syndicate standing, or anything like that. We have guns, we need a reason to use them.

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