DE can WF abilities finally affect bosses?

Warframe7 - DE can WF abilities finally affect bosses?

Now that they are (finally) moving towards bosses/VIPs not all being status immune, it would be great if they took a look at how Warframe abilities interact with boss units. Personally I absolutely love some of the bosses in this game, I think Profit Taker and Eidolons are super fun and really enjoy them. However, the fact that you can only affect yourself with abilities, and not bosses, makes the pool of viable frames incredibly small. It makes some frames whose entire kit revolves around debuffing enemies completely useless. Since you're experimenting with status on bosses/VIPs with limited effects, why not also let Warframe abilities affect them at some limited capacity?

Because here's the thing, even when enemies are status/ability immune… players still find a way to exploit those fights. This usually includes Chroma, or other frames with high dmg buffs, or something like Limbo who can ignore mechanics (see Scarlet Spear). Since players break those fights with a limited number of frames anyways why not find a way for every frame to be useful in those fights.

There are a lot of frames this could benefit but I'm goin to use Banshee since she's an easy example. For a long time Banshee's main contribution to a team in high lvl missions was Sonar. However at one point doing endurance runs vs high lvl enemies was a meta thing, so Sonar builds were actually useful. Now, it doesn't affect anything actually worth taking the time to kill… so why would you ever play this frame? Sure I still play her with a Savage Silence build with Daikyu/Nikana P and feel like a budget Inaros, but it would be great if her signature ability was actually worth using. This applies to so many frames that just can't contribute meaningfully to some of the best content the game has to offer.


So, please take the status changes as a golden opportunity to re-evaluate how Warframe abilities and bosses interact. This is imperative if the place we get "end game" rewards continues to be bosses and similar enemies. I don't care if they did something like limit their effects or whatever they have to do to maintain balance, but at least let those frames feel more than useless. Thank you!

Edit: Going to emphasize something here, "limit their effects" i.e. make it so we can at least use our damn abilities on bosses but limit them in some way so it doesn't completely trivialize the fight. I'm not saying they just flip the "abilities affect bosses switch" to on in the back room, I'm asking for a thoughtful change that allows frames to use their abilities on bosses without breaking the game. Also note that Chroma can solo PT in under 5 minutes (I've seen people do it in under 3), so the cheese is already here, it's just limited to a few frames. Share the cheese DE!

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