DE, I love you guys. But We need To talk real quick.

Warframe7 - DE, I love you guys. But We need To talk real quick.

TL;DR At bottom. Its a long one.

For starters, I want to Say I understand Development for every Company is Hellish right now, And Wish nothing more but the safety and health of everyone in tact as we Fight this stupid Virus. With that out of the way. Here we go.

– I have 3k Hours in Game, MR 25. I WAS the player to shoot down the Negativity People Throw at DE for their choices and Updates. I always enjoy what they gave us, no matter how bad it came, they fixed their mistakes quickly. Every Ambitious Update they do is neat, I know it all connects to a grand Scheme. I see what DE is trying to get to and I appreciate the Effort trying to deliver something Amazing for all of us. Keep Going Strong DE!. OK Keep in mind, this is coming from the heart.

– I woke up to finally see what DE has been giving us these past Updates. Now I see why everyone Complains every day. The Revisited was Needed, its fine. HOWEVER….. I need to know…. Where is that Tennocon Build?

-We've All seen The Railjack to fortuna to space into a Raid on a corpus ship. LOOKED like it was working OK to us. Then the Kuva Lich Railjack/ Squadlink feature happened and it LOOKED fine to us. we've seen the Kuva Lich Railjack missions at LEAST TWICE working Correctly as it needed to be. So Where is it?

-You gave Us Liches. Great Update! plenty of stuff to work with. You gave us Railjack, it's … Fun for a bit. a small bit. Now we are just MOVING RIGHT ALONG to New war content while we are STILL missing Kuva Lich Railjack. WHY?

-Please. Give us what we saw BEFORE New War. From my perspective, I was trying very hard to find the Consistent Joy in all these updates. I really did try and tell everyone " it's pretty fun, I like where they are going with this, let's farm!" These Past Few updates are Half of what we were shown MULTIPLE TIMES completely working as it should've been. So why are we just SKIPPING ?

-DE, Please, Take it SLOWER with these updates, We love what you're trying to make the game set out to be the best experience for all of us, we Love you for this. I Couldn't pick a better Free to play currently. But You guys have to go back a bit to your Goal board . We didn't need New war stuff yet, we WANTED that Kuva Lich Railjack update. It's Sad that you guys didn't just work on that before This Op. it Angers me that it makes sense to introduce that ambitious mechanic, Squad link, to a smaller scale for This OP.

– You said you guys don't want to give exact due dates for updates, That's good to see it that way. But here is the thing, you had at least 4 big game changer- like Updates on that board… and 3/4 of those updates feel Butchered, compared to what we were shown at two tennocons in a row. I think we can all agree, DE, that we Could've waited longer for Railjack. You couldn't wait you say, gamer? So If they showed you EXACTLY WHAT WE HAVE NOW, at Tennocon… YOU couldn't wait for that?! I can because its like 25% of what they showed , is live and dead. Railjack and Liches were hyped for at least a month… and NOTHING got expanded upon. Railjack was supposed to be this " new game" feel of an update. We are missing alot of it. We are confused why we are missing all that Awsome stuff you showed us Constantly, Working as intended… in our eyes.


– I Have Massive Respect for DE, they have done the Impossible many many times, and given their hard work to us for Free. That's amazing! Thank you! but now you're kinda…. lacking the updates to us. I want to say these past updates have felt Financially Driven to be rushed. Why would you feel the need to keep showing us PREVIEWS of all the railjack content and come out to say " it's not ready yet" …. But THIS OP Was ready? I think not. We are missing 4 things we were shown 1 and two years ago for railjack. Kuva Lich Ships, the Cooler Squad Link, The corpus raiding, and the Expedition into old Orokin structures. BUT HEY WE HAVE NEW WAR STUFF NOW……

– I expected the Railjack content to expand until Mid 2020 THEN we get New war content. Honestly, The Dreadlock Protocol should've been the first thing before this, If it includes Corpus Railjack missions. IN FACT, this upcoming content should've been slated for late 2020 early 2021.

-I gotta ask, Who are you actually listening to, in regards to the player feed back? Because it SEEMS that THAT FEEDBACK isn't Working. All the QoL and Balance feedback is Great, I must say. But for Updates and what the player wants, What Group of players are telling you to just keep swimming past the Board? You guys have SO MUCH to work with, with RailJack. Just work and expand on that! that's all we Vets Asked for. Don't show us "veteran" driven Content and Deliver us a ship and some missions…. well….We did them… If ya guys just released RailJack, Liches , and refined that all with the squad link prior to what we were shown. This game would be Soaring with player count more than it is now.

-The veterans of this game are the people that give you the newer players by word of mouth. These half full updates are disheartening to us Vets. You had EVERYONE SOLD on this game after TSD and TOW. ALL OF US WERE SOLD on all that Railjack content you've showed us. But you gave us less than half of what we saw and moved right along to this Operation. Calm down.

-Make the game take a Deep breath, And focus on What were shown at TennoCon because THAT'S what we wanted the whole time you shown us time to time in Devstreams. NOT what you gave us now. I hate to say this but. DON'T BECOME A NEW BIOWARE. You guys have all Of Our Interest in your amazing game. Deliver what we were shown.

TL;DR- Love You DE, But Calm down with the Updates. We are Missing so much from TennoCon, which is what Got all of us and New Players Hyped up for the Longest time. You CANNOT KEEP GIVING US A HOLLOW WATERMELON ( I couldn't think of a better one, help)

We all Love you DE, we wouldn't be Ranting if we didn't love your creation. Mad respect to all of you. But please, for the sake of all the players. Deliver us What we Saw at BOTH TennoCons and stop rushing to get to the next Chapter. Stay safe, Stardusts!

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