DE Please, listen to the feedback. Tone down Nightwave, don’t let it dominate the game.

Warframe14 - DE Please, listen to the feedback. Tone down Nightwave, don't let it dominate the game.

I know it's only week 2, I know we haven't seen much opportunity to change the brand new system. But as it is, Nightwave sucks.

I don't like to be mean, or even blunt like this, but I love Warframe and Nightwave is very quickly turning into a huge time sink and an absolute fun-destroying aspect of the game.

Since it's release, there have been very few positive threads or even comments about Nightwave and I'm really just sitting here with my fingers crossed hoping its gets fixed. Not changed, fixed.

1. Nightwave has replaced alerts.

This seemed positive for me initially, rewards are now more stable. Each week we have a set of helmets and mods to choose from, as well as consistent Nitain, Vauban and potatos if nothing takes your fancy. HOWEVER; Wolf Creds are gained far too slowly, if a couple of things you want show up in the one week you're screwed. New players lose out on the slow addition of free helmets that alerts would bring, allowing a little customisation without monetary investment that many new players seem to enjoy. Instead they're cornered into spending most of their points on necessities like Nitain to build many frames. Some of the rewards are still double locked; "Oh boy I just bought a Nezha/Inaros helmet blueprint with the wolf creds it took me 2 weeks to earn, I'll enjoy crafting that a month from now when I can buy enough nitain for it!" Previously alerts did similar, however you weren't forced to choose one reward or the other, it was just a matter of being online at lucky times.

2. Alerts were the most basic form of quest for newbies, now the new system shuts them out.

New players suffer greatly from the new Nightwave system. On top of rewards being a huge grind instead of single mission-reward interactions, the new miniboss, the Wolf, is more likely to hit and run new players than be an interesting aspect of the game. The challenges are incredibly difficult, such as 1 hour in kuva survival without life support. We had a MR6 in our party on my first attempt today, and his struggles to navigate the fortress and keep up with the kuva towers split the enemy spawns so much that our run ended at 20 minutes. He doesn't know any better, this is just a regular weekly mission thing now. Many of these "elite" challenges require game modes that demand maxed out gear, optimised builds, hell even just access to augments and game modes that early-mid players simply don't have, yet on the other side you have vets sitting in a 60 minute mission watching netflix because the "challenge" is so fucking dull. It's awful. Nothing is more demoralising to new players than having rewards dangled in their face and no reasonable way to get to them without being completely taxid and babysat week in and week out.

3. Rehashing old content to an insane degree.

Where some dailies/weeklies are too hard for new players, DE has completely ignored the fact that 90% of their playerbase is being forced into completely unrewarding, dated content.


Almost everyone I've communicated with playing these missions on public is saying the same thing.

"Fuck Cetus bounties. I don't need ANYTHING from these." Ok, you want people doing bounties? Make it 3 for the weekly so it can be done in around 30 minutes. Not 8 that takes well over an hour with forced time gates of "liberate the camp" and "protect the vault." Most of us are done with that, we grinded when the plains came out, we grinded ghouls, plague star, unvaultings. Stop forcing us to grind bounties that reward us with 0 for a percent of a percent of progression to maybe rewards in the Nightwave system.

"Why do we need to do 9 invasions, that's so excessive." Sure, a new player might be like "ok, invasions isn't something I do a lot of, here's a motivator to do some." A vet however gets stuck in 9 missions. They get their thousandth Fieldron on a pile, a stock of a gun they build 3 years ago, literally nothing for 1-2 hours of grinding, again, just to build up this time-sink of a system. It cannot have not been considered to make it 3 invasions, ONE full invasion with a reward is plenty of time, and a reminder of that content. Not 9.

Last week's challenges were a FUCKTONNE of missions where a majority of us got 0 out of it and were left standing there with our dicks in hands, questioning "wait, so is that it?" Most of us never saw the new mini boss. Most of us got one wolf cred drop only to realise the only rewards we're looking for are 10 weeks away. A lot of people tried to argue it would be less tedious if we broke up the missions, so what do we get this week? 2 60 minute quests that have to be done in one sitting. A tedious, unrewarding, middle finger from the devs who have themselves said that they know something like that IS NOT ENJOYABLE AT ALL.

If this is going to be the new standard method of daily/weekly grinds, it needs to be toned down a tonne. It's been LESS THAN A WEEK and people are already saying how burnt out they are on the grind of Nightwave, how much it drowns out any content they want to do because a timer's ticking down on how long they have to complete this shit.

Don't let Nightwave force players to invest too much time, or you will find players dropping the game entirely. It's completely against what makes Warframe great, the self-managed goals, the endless options, and instead narrows you down to a few very dull options that burn you out faster than ever before. Nightwave should take a permanent backseat, be quests that can be done in relatively regular playstyle, or at least take an hour or two out of what the player chooses to spend their time on, it shouldn't be the new permanent "check Nightwave to see how I'm playing today."

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