DE: Please Rethink the Wolf

Warframe14 - DE: Please Rethink the Wolf

I ran four relics on Void missions today. Three of them automatically failed because the Wolf of Saturn Six showed up. Two of them were Interception, where the towers get captured and then he and his lackeys block you from recapturing them. The other was a Mobile Defense, where the Void T4 damage boost plus his lackey's molotovs burned through the defense target in about twenty seconds.

As someone who's come to this subreddit looking for help with the Wolf of Saturn Six before, I'm nine times out of ten the best equipped to handle him in my squad. By best equipped, I mean that using my Galatine Prime modded exactly to the specifics of the commenters on this subreddit, I can get him to half health. It only takes about 15-20 minutes of me burning through energy using Nyx's absorb to just wail on him nonstop until I'm out of energy, back off and shoot at him until I have energy, and then jump back in. This is the point that the host usually gets frustrated and leaves. I know all of the hardcore players that have thousands of hours played, maxed mods, epic rivens, and all of the optimum gear claim to not have a problem with him, but the rest of us who aren't at that level are TRYING to get all of those things. But we can't level gear, unlock relics, or do anything but Plains and Fortuna unless we want this big asshole to come punch us in the face. Having him hound the newer and mid-tier players is a head-scratching decision given that his massive armor and health pool was designed around the fact that you aren't happy with how quickly minmaxed gear can finish off normal content. Based on the feedback from the high end players, this is an abject failure because their best loadouts can kick his teeth in in under a minute. The ONLY thing that he's doing at this point is frustrating people that have no access to the tools necessary to make him manageable.

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So many people say everyone is just whining when they criticize the Wolf and that we need to "get good," but there's only so much we can do. Even when listening to veteran advice and organizing all of the gear we currently have in the best way possible, he's STILL too tanky to take on efficiently. This is only compounded by the fact that he's completely random: Jordas Golem is a tanky, boring slog of a boss fight as well. But if you don't want to fight him, or don't have the proper gear to do so, then you just don't have to go to his mission. Simple as that. I don't have the right gear or enough skill to take on the triple Eidolon Hunt, so I just don't. We don't have that option with Wolf. WoW doesn't spawn its raid bosses in the world at random. Nameless King doesn't invade the Undead Settlement when he feels like it. Alduin doesn't roam Skyrim and fight you at random. You shouldn't be spawning your insanely scaled endgame boss everywhere either.

If the Wolf had a death mark system like the rest of the assassins, or his own node on the map, this could all be avoided. People who aren't ready for the Wolf wouldn't have him show up and ruin the experience for them. Or you could make him actually dangerous with abilities that can do damage and kill us, but make it so we can actually kill him too. I'd rather lose a fight that's difficult and takes skill rather than spend an hour of my life mindlessly smashing melee just to make a gigantic number get smaller.

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