DE, please stop using damage caps and crit/status immunity for “difficulty”.

Warframe13 - DE, please stop using damage caps and crit/status immunity for "difficulty".

Undermining core mechanics only makes things more annoying and time-consuming, not more difficult, and it ends up making the gameplay dull. There's no point to understanding damage vulnerabilities, building top-end weapons, or seeking out powerful rivens if we can't apply them during boss fights, where they should matter the most. A decently-modded MK1-Braton should not be as viable against a boss unit as a heavily-modded end-game weapon.

Removing mechanics isn't always a fundamentally bad design, but you're taking it too far. Nullifiers are a (relatively) good design because you still have plenty of alternatives to your frame powers – the rest of your arsenal – and the removal can be short-circuited by destroying the bubble. It mixes up the gameplay and encourages you to approach the unit differently. Dropping them out of fissures is annoying, but that's a problem with fissures and not the unit itself.

I hate providing negative feedback without also giving ideas for what could change, but there's not much that can be said there.

  • Design fights around your core mechanics being present instead of being absent.
  • Add mechanics to fights to make them difficult instead of removing them.
  • Encourage players understanding mechanics to be effective.
  • Where you do remove mechanics, make sure it doesn't cripple a player's entire arsenal.
  • Add optional "hard modes" to fights, offering better rewards at the cost of a fight requiring a significantly better loadout.

Edit: Some additional points from my other comments.

  • These suggestions aren't a complete solution, and we require a fundamental overhaul of nearly every aspect of mission gameplay because of thinks like a reliance on armor scaling and DE attempting to make our countermeasures worthless.

  • I think the most immediately obvious solution is a number squish across the board: Enemy armor values, enemy spawn counts, the values of certain mod stats (Particularly power strength). The last point will be controversial – people hate it when you take away their big numbers – but I think it would work as long as it's not done by itself. The damage system is fundamentally broken, and replacing a piece at a time won't work well.

  • "Hard mode" means higher base enemy levels so "end-game" builds matter (150+), and more resource/rep rewards (not unique items like Nightmare missions) to make the "difficulty" worthwhile. Progression will always be meaningless without content to match.

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