DE should consider a revision of their ToS and enforce use of common sense to prevent odd permabans or to make them make sense

Warframe4 - DE should consider a revision of their ToS and enforce use of common sense to prevent odd permabans or to make them make sense

Yes this is a direct response to the guy who got permabanned because DE randomly decided his name was offensive despite having said name for years without issues. Yes it does make me angry–possibly irrationally so–because DE's got a pretty nasty track record when it comes down to when they decide to listen to their own rules and when they don't. Even though I don't play the game regularly anymore, I am yet a part of this community, and a part of me yearns to see some change in this field because I can't go a day on this subreddit without seeing something weird going on with DE's support team. While I am certainly criticizing DE in this post, this isn't a bash-fest, this is purely out of concern for the game, it's community, and the support team. Ideally I'd like someone at DE to give this a look-over, but I doubt it'll happen.

A lot of the confusion surrounding getting permabanned or even temporarily banned can be cleared by simply laying out what is and is not a bannable offense. "Zero Tolerance Policy" on it's own tells a user nothing. Zero tolerance about what, exactly? What is and isn't offensive can be subjective, to a degree. Calling someone a slur is absolutely offensive, and should involve some punishment depending on the level of the offense on an individual basis. Having a weird name may or may not be offensive depending on the name. The way I see it, if it got past the filter in the naming process in the first place, it should be allowed to exist until reported as offensive, then the user with the "offensive" name should be analyzed and the CORRECT action taken, contact with the individual and a name change issued.


My next point is transparency, and why it's important when dealing with banned individuals. People need to know why they've been banned. Full stop. Cheat Engine open? Say it. Offensive name? Explain it. Foul language in chat? Prove it. It hurts nobody for DE's moderation team to explain the reasoning for a ban. On top of this, common sense should be utilized on an individual basis, regardless of whether DE has any intention of working with the banned user or not, to prevent mishaps like the naming ban again. Each of DE's staff needs to ask themselves "is this REALLY worth a permanent ban?" with every single permanent ban they consider, even if it's a stupid question to ask themselves.

A real life equivilent is getting jail time for misdemeanors. Should a person go to jail for stealing candy from a store? Maybe, how many times have they tried it? Are they at risk for future violations? Was it done out of malice or with violence? Questions like these should be asked when you're tasked with handing out punishment for someone who violated your ToS. Is having the name "StalinGulag" worth a ban? Temporary at best, because the problem is fixed with a simple name change and a warning to follow naming guidelines, especially since the individual user has claimed this name for literal years. Is getting caught cheating worth a ban? Yes, because the user knows exactly what they're doing and it's a direct violation of their ToS, this behavior cannot usually be rectified with a slap on the wrist.

Covering everything with a broad brush instead of remembering the individual only hurts the company's image. A robot shouldn't do a human's job.

Long story short, I simply want DE to think before they go banning people and refusing to hear out the person they banned. Common sense is not your enemy, and StalinGulag is not worth a permanent ban.

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