Dead horse Vauban Rework Idea #873

Warframe10 - Dead horse Vauban Rework Idea #873

Love Vauban. Want him to suck less. Dumb ideas for making him suck less. Thoughts/Feedback Welcome. Might be too late for ideas depending how deep into the rework DE is but would be nice if they took a look at this

Vauban Rework Idea

Change Passive – Reinforce 2.0

-Vauban and Allied Robotic companions gain 1% Armour and Damage per enemy that is incapacitated and unable to move. Capping at 30%. Damage is only active while enemies remain incapacitated. Armour stacks and falls off from damage taken.

New Exalted Sentinel – Curie the Bursa Moa

-Functions similarly to Khoras Venari, allowing another pet to be equipped, and uses sentinel mods.

-On death Explodes dealing a small AOE of Radiation damage, Respawns over time like Venari.

-Can Equip Moa Mods as well as a few of it's own Unique mods listed below

-Does not come equipped with its own Sentinel Gun but can equip all other types besides Deconstructor.

-Passively Has Assault mode and Ammo Case mods without taking up a mod slot.

Vauban's Abilities

New 1 Deploy Turret

Places a Turret with stats based on Curies. Turret Damage influenced by Curies Equipped weapon. If no weapon is equipped damage is equivalent to that of an Air Support Turrets. Passively adds radiation damage on top of any pre existing damage.

Change 2 Minelayer 2.0

Cycle between Specialized Grenades by holding, tap to throw.

Tesla – Sticks to surfaces, deals electric and blast damage

Bounce – Flings enemies, Deals Impact, Blast, Magnetic. Chance to disarm enemies.

Shrapnel – Functions like an Average Grenade. Deals Blast, Puncture, And Slash

Concuss – Places Proximity mine on the ground. When triggered Slows in a Small AOE, then Makes a Smoke cloud that Deals Gas and Radiation Damage


Knockout – Explodes on impact dealing blast damage, Knocking down enemies and putting them to sleep.

New 3 Curie

Hold to Switch Curie To Attack, Defense, or Support mode. Press to activate a specific effect while in each mode.

Attack – Curie's damage and Firerate are increased. Target an enemy with the ability to focus fire.

Defense – Armour slightly increased, charges nearby ally shields and deflects a small amount of damage back at attackers. Target an ally for Curie to follow or Target a map location for Curie to stay put and Defend the Area.

Support – Curie occasionally Pulses, restoring energy and making allies invisible. Target a console for Curie to Hack. Target an enemy for Curie to lift up stunning them and making them immune to damage momentarily. Target and Ally to restore their ammo.

Change 4 Containment

Press once to Summon a Bastille, Hold while looking at the Bastille to collapse it into a Vortex.

Curie Specific Mods

Minelayer 2.5: Deploys a mine every X Seconds. Mine type is determined by most recent mine used by Vauban.

Gamble: Every X Seconds, after picking up credits Curie has a X% chance to give a random buff

-Profit: 120s of Double Credit Drops

-Overcharge: Increases Movement Speed, Attack Speed, Reload Speed and Fire Rate by X% for X seconds

-Life Refund: the next ally to die is instead fully healed. Cannot use twice in a row on the same ally. 300s cooldown.

-Sturdy: Grants all Allies 150 armor. Decays from taking damage.

-Refill: Refills allies Energy bars by 50%

-Reinforcements: Summons an ally Shield Osprey for 180s

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