Dear DE, as a founder, I’m starting to get burnt out

Warframe6 - Dear DE, as a founder, I'm starting to get burnt out

tl;dr; version – I came back after a short break, in hopes maybe they changed something after doing the whole Revision mainline. And nope, updates at launch are still completely broken and unbalance, I'm too old for this I guess.

I know I'm not the only one but bear with me.

So I started playing in beta and stuff. But I'm not a hardcore player, I played on and off, usually took a break for few months, came back to play new stuff for some time and had a blast with it. Lately I am getting more and more just burnt out on the game. And I don't mean I just got bored of it, no. The new content makes me just annoyed how much time I would have to spend to get stuff.

Fortuna – it was ok for me, I played it after a long break so I didn't feel the grind too much.

First Nightwave – I had severe issues with it and barely managed to do it, went away from the game for two months or so.

Wisp and Jupiter rework – it was actually the most fun. I could just go in, play in the new tileset, derp around, do stuff without feeling obliged to grind.

Liches – well everyone knows how it ended. I did 1 Lich after launch and stopped for weeks. Even now I killed like 3 of them AND I AM A COLLECTOR PLAYER. Before them I had almost every weapon and frame mastered except like 1 vandal thing. So it says a lot. After Liches I started feeling like the new modes instead of adding to the game started to be separated game modes in which devs expected us to spend weeks in. And thats not fun.

Railjack – I'm on the fence with this one. On one hand it was and is another content island. On the other flying and gearing up my ship was fun. I wish DE could just polish it before releasing, because amount of bugs and bad balancing held this update down soooo much.


And now Scarlet Spear. I mean, I know it is a long event and I had some hopes for it. But the I wasn't even suprised it was indeed a shitshow. This is what you are now DE, a lot of players expect you to fuck up the launch of updates. I tried the thing for like 30 minutes, got 2 crashes, couldn't connect to a team and when I did I spent like 20 minutes waiting for codes. And just Alt F4 out. Maybe I'm getting too old for this shit or whatever. But I feel like you are on a downwards slope dear DE. All the good will you built with mainline revision (I was really excited about it) got squandered again with this event release.

And I'm sure you will say in devstream "we are listening" "we are fixing things" but you are not. Fool me once, eh?

And to be honest, I'm not angry or anything. I'm just disappointed with the game after the update like I was after almost every update in the past year or so. I want to play, I enjoy the core gameplay but I feel like there is just no place for me in the "new" warframe, where everything is thrown out to PC as soon as it is barely working and you hope we will manage through the bugs and grind. No, we won't, at some point we will have enough. And I think my time came.

I guess I'll try to play the event after a week or so to check it out, but I just don't feel like coming back to regular playing and collecting everything like I did before.

Good luck guys and do have fun if you enjoy it, I'm not convincing you to stop! Just some thoughts from an old player.

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