Dear DE: Let’s talk about Mesa Prime’s skins

Warframe10 - Dear DE: Let’s talk about Mesa Prime’s skins

1 – She looks amazing. Her Prime skin is fantastic, the Prime Regulators are fantastic, the chaps and pauldrons and trim and …

Yes, there’s critique coming below, but first and foremost, hear this: good work.

2 – The Prime Regulators are pretty and shiny, but they’re also a different shape from the normal Regulators. They clip into Mesa’s arms on the non-Prime skins, including the base skin. We can’t fix this by using the base Regulator skin, because it isn’t available on them. This is especially problematic because they’re always visible on Mesa’s model.

Please, allow us to select the base Regulators skin on the Prime Regulators. And when you get a chance, maybe look into adjusting the position of the Prime Regulators on the various non-Prime skins so they don’t clip.

3 – When you equip Mesa Prime with a Tennogen skin and enable Prime Details, the Tennogen skin texture is garbled. This forum post implies 1) that this issue occurs because of design choices made when making the Mesa Prime model; 2) that you knew this was going to happen, and intentionally did not fix it; and 3) that it’s unlikely to be fixed in the future, and may occur again with future Primes.

I can understand how you might get here; you know the community is excited for Mesa Prime, you want her to be something special. It’s hard designing something new and awesome that’s also backward compatible with skins that are years old. And you want everything ready before Christmas, and you want all your hard-working people to get holidays. We want all those things too.

However, the fact that Mesa Prime Details wouldn’t work with Tennogen skins wasn’t mentioned in her reveal, and it wasn’t mentioned in patch notes. Instead, the community found this out by surprise. And the people who discovered this had just paid for her. The unavailability of Prime Details might have been a significant factor in their purchase, had they known. And these are not small purchases, either.

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If you all had brought this up in advance, had mentioned on-stream that her model was so complex that Prime Details wouldn’t work, this would be OK. Let’s be honest, we the community would probably be unhappy, but it would be OK. The way you did this though, it feels shady, it feels like a bait-and-switch. The content of that forum post makes this worse; it shows that this was premeditated.

Removing the Prime Details switch from Mesa Prime is not a fix or a solution, it is an evasion. The issue is not that we can see the broken textures; the issue is not even that the textures are broken. The issue is that you knew the textures would be broken, knew that we would care that they were broken, planned not to fix them, and then didn’t tell us.

At the end of the day, this isn’t the end of the world. DE, we love you. You do good work, and we’re proud to support you. You’ve earned our trust over years of playing straight with us. And it’s only one cosmetic issue on one frame. However, this problem feels deceptive and scammy, and you all are better than that.

You need to make this right. Don’t worry about it right now; take your vacations, enjoy your holidays, with the full gratitude and love of your community. But come January, you need to give us better answers. We need to hear you tell us how you got here, we need to see that you agree it’s wrong, and we need to hear that it’s not going to happen again. Talk to us about it.

And, for reference, when the next Prime is revealed, please remember: we want to know if Prime Details will work with that frame, and we want to know well before we buy them.

Read:  New or Returning Player? Welcome (Back) to WARFRAME!

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