Dear DE. Respect our time and your team’s effort

Warframe3 - Dear DE. Respect our time and your team's effort

DE I love you, but please, pick a thing, do that thing. Don't do many things. Do one thing. Do it from start to finish. Make it worthwhile, get the grind right, add in interesting variation, work out the bugs, make it engaging, make it respect peoples time. Once you have done that one thing, then work on another thing and apply that quality testing to the new thing. All these big ambitious plans feel too big for what you can deliver in a meaningful way. Pick the liches, go back and spend time and finish them, give them a meaningful story and progression instead of rng grind fest. Give me a real reason to hunt the lich culminating in a climatic battle on the liches ship, which isn't an rng lucky dip about if I find them or not. Look again at what the nemesis system was and try and understand why that actually worked. Revisit Railjack, give it varied missions, give it a purpose, give it interaction with everything else we can do.

Stop making islands. Stop RNG. Give fair grind. Make the content interactive with itself instead of systems which exist on their own to be forgotten. If you want to add a new system like railjack, actually take time to do it right, bring out the whole thing instead of a buggy beta demo of what maybe it could be possibly. While you take the year to get it right, give us small polished rewarding monthly events. Little, easy and often. You know that nightwave thing you abandoned? Yeah stuff like that. Stop shooting for the stars, you keep up ending in random trash piles. Pick achievable goals and finish them before you give them to us.


Use a little quality control – stop using paying customers as beta testers. Fix a thing. Do it right. A few bugs and a few small balancing changes are fine, but seriously if you're gonna add a thing to the game ask yourselves why you're adding it. Does it add fun to the gameplay, or does it just add another thing to grind? If it's the second thing, don't do it. You are wearing down all my joy from the game and all my good will. I assume I am not alone in that.

Explain to the players in game what is expected of them. Warframe has never held our hands. It shouldn't now either, but if you want me to engage with the content at least give me road signs to point at how and what I should be doing in game. Not the wiki, not YouTube, not the forums. In game.

Can you take a year of quality control? add nothing new. Just fix the things you already have. make them work together. Make them enjoyable for the players. test them first. test them again. ask is this actually genuinely fun or just a time sink. test it again. Then release it complete. Stop doing half baked beta stuff. You're not the poor struggling studio trying to keep the lights on anymore. Treat yourselves with more respect than that, and treat us with more respect. You'll lose us otherwise.

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