Dear Digital Extremes: You are making it hard for me to really enjoy this game.

Warframe15 - Dear Digital Extremes: You are making it hard for me to really enjoy this game.

I love the concept of Warframe. I love the movement. I even, no joke, love Railjack. I would like to keep playing this game, but the constant nerfs are REALLY killing it for me. To explain a little bit here:

I originally decided to play WF because I happened to see a vid on YT, of someone using Mesa Prime in the void and going to town with her 4th ability. It was the best kind of stupid, a level of mass murder that would make even Tecmo Koei take notice.

I KEPT playing the game because there were a lot of cool and/or powerful pieces of gear all over the place. Particularly weapons.

I started losing interest when the multiple layers of RNG and time wasting mechanics started to grind on me. That was only annoying enough for me to no longer play WF exclusively, but that was the first knock.

That, plus the nerfs is when I really started to lose it. When I went all in to farm out my own Kuva Bramma and Forma it 5 times, only for explosive weapons across the board to get nerfed I was naturally not pleased. When Operation Scarlet Spear was going on and you nerfed at least two frames specifically because they were REALLY good at it(which is literally the point of having a varied arsenal of frames), that was the last straw. I dropped the game.

However, because I'm a forgetful sort, I never unsubscribed from the content creators I liked that did WF content. Recently I saw Quite Shy videos about the Trumna and the Mausolon, and that drew me back into the game. Got the goods I wanted and was even going to get the newest warframes, but then?


I realized that in the time I was away the Bramma got nerfed again(at least this time it wasn't an entire class of weapon), the new Helmenth system got nerfs pre-launch, and y'all are already looking to nerf MORE Heminth system options. So at this point I'm thinking: If anything I get might get nerfed simply for being really good(the sole reason I'd invest time into new gear at this point) and being picked up by a lot of players, then I have no real reason to go hunting new gear. If I have no reason to go hunting new gear, I have effectively no reason to play the game.

Really, just the thought that I could invest several hours into ONE weapon that could be used on vastly more entertaining things than affinity farming, only to have said weapon nerfed is a turn off. Not gonna speak for anyone else, but it makes me want to not play the game(and yes, I've dropped it again in like 2 weeks), and I damn sure can't get any of my friends to play it when they see this happen to me.

tl;dr Stop nerfing things all the time if you want to retain players. You already have enough trouble drawing new ones is, don't drive off the people who've been playing for a while because you can't decide how you want to balance your game.

EDIT: Just to be clear: some people seem to think the Helminth changes are my biggest issue. Not sure how they got that when I mainly mentioned and specifically named weapons, but that is not the case. I am personally more bothered by weapon nerfs than anything else, and the knowledge that "if this is really good and popular, DE will likely nerf it" keeps me from wanting to invest any time into any new gear.

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