Decoration mode is lacking in obvious features and tedious to use and I’m getting really tired of it

Warframe1 - Decoration mode is lacking in obvious features and tedious to use and I'm getting really tired of it

I want to start out by saying two things. I know not a lot of people really are big on decorations in this game, and clan decorations especially are not something most get to really dabble in. However, I very much enjoy decorating in this game, I am usually more excited by getting cool new decorations than I am with getting new weapons or frames or anything else really.

I am just frustrated with how irritating placing decorations is and have been for a long time, and I have finally decided to compile my suggestions on how to make it better. I know some of these might be hard to do, but also I am sure some of these are easy fixes. Some of these baffle me that they are not the case.

  • A cycle selection tool. (a button you could press to cycle through all objects you are looking at so that you may select the one you want to select. Many 3D programs have this option)

This is very much needed, when a bunch of decorations are near each other, especially atmospherics (whose hit-boxes are often way too big) trying to select the right placed decoration can be extremely frustrating, you can be looking straight at it and it refuses to be highlighted. I have on a number of occasions spent over 10 minutes trying to select an object in a tight group.

  • Grid options of 5 units for both placement and rotation

This would just be nice in general, especially since rotation is very jumpy when not bound to grid, at least on the platform I use, Switch. It would be nice to have some smaller units to work with

  • Ascend and descend bound to the Y-axis instead of the direction you're facing

As it stands these are useless when the basic movement already moves you in the direction you're facing, having it actually make you ascend and descend would be helpful.

  • Have the decoration menu remember which tab you were in in the dojo.

Having to re-navigate to the tab you were on every time you want to get a decoration (which often you are trying to grab multiple different ones from the same tab) is incredibly irritating. When you place the decoration, it closes the menu and then you have to re-open it and navigate once again to the tab you were on. As more tabs are being added this issue is becoming more and more annoying. This might just be an issue on console though, I assume pc has hot-kets for this, but it needs to be fixed.

  • A preview room decorations button

This would be incredibly nice, when building in the dojo, you can't really see what it will all look like until it's been funded and fully built. The polychrome already has a similar feature. It would be nice if this option was doable while still in decorating mode though, like a toggle-able option to change between a 'preview mode' and a 'construction mode'

  • Scale objects in constrained movement mode

I don't see why we can't do this already, if the issue is that it would allow objects to be placed where they shouldn't be, then just make the object go red and don't let the placement be confirmed if there's an issue. Having to place an object again because you wanted to change its scale is irritating, especially if it was in a very specific location that wasn't aligned with the grid.

  • the ability for any clan member (even those who don't have decorating permissions) to see the cost and progress of any placed decorations so that they are more likely to help pitch in.

I think this would be a very nice way to make everyone feel more involved in the decoration process of the clan. I am not suggesting they gain the ability to actually fund decorations directly (though that could be assignable separate permission), just that they could see them and know what to donate to the vault. Another kind of out there addition that I think would be cool is the ability to set decoration permissions on a room by room case, so that you could give someone their own room to mess around with, but not enable them to mess with other rooms. This would be another way to get more people in the clan involved with the decoration process. I would suggest that if a person doesn't have global decoration permissions they would not be able to use up personal decorations though.

  • Undo/Redo button

This would be very helpful, even if you don't keep a long history

  • Multi-select

I understand this might cause some issues, out of all of these features I think this one is the least realist unless you impose harsh limits on the number of objects you can select at once, but I still think it would be helpful.

I really think these features would go a long way in making the whole decorating process smoother.

If I had to choose only three of these, I would say that a cycle select feature is the most needed, followed by grid/rotation units of 5, and then having the decoration menu remember your place.

Additionally, I would like to request types of dojo decorations that are very lacking

  • Gardening is very lacking, it is hard to put plant beds that look realistic in a lot of cases. There are dirt patches that can be seen in things like relays that are being used exactly the way that we are lacking the ability to do easily. The best (and really only good way imho) for making a plant bed in non-nature rooms currently is messing around with zen garden islands, which are all a weird shape and hard to frame. Simply putting them on the floor of non-nature rooms looks bad. The most usable ones for this purpose have a rock which really stands out as repetitive if used multiple times.
    • Good planting beds that actually have dirt and stuff in them
    • Dirt in general (There is no dirt yet somehow), having some various shapes to work with would be very helpful
      • Sand. Same thing as dirt.
      • Usable patches of grass, currently the ones we have look nice until you look downwards and can see significantly more floor than grass. I would suggest the same thing as dirt
  • More water-themed decorations. There is only one water-themed decoration that fits into the tech aesthetic, which would be the koi pond, whose railing becomes very awkward when the object in enlarged.
    • More ponds and the like that fit into different aesthetics aside from natural would be nice.
    • Aquariums would be cool, whether this is an object, or even a room where you could place caught fish.
    • A river or horizontal flowing water of some kind.
  • more livelihood/furniture type objects
    • I really think stuff like food/drink cups/plates, more seating and tables, beds, books (could be personal tablets), and just general living stuff and furniture would be a nice touch. I know quite a few of these can be convincingly assembled from various other decorations, but it would be nice to have them. I am not suggesting to go out of the games aesthetic, I know assets for these kinds of things already exist but are just not present as dojo decorations, I just ask that they become dojo decorations. For example, there is a tray with a mug on it that is used several times in the Crimson Branch, that would be a nice to have as a decoration even if you don't separate it from the tray.

When I look at parts of the game, especially things like Larunda Relay (Venus), the way it blends nature with plant beds and fountain areas and the like, I just think, 'this would be really nice if we could make stuff like this' why can't we do stuff like that without major headache? I think DE should consider some of these needed areas when you go to add the next round of decorations because they keep adding stuff that is cool but doesn't do a good job of filling out a lot of areas I think decorations are lacking in. They seem to instead be mostly adding things similar to what we already have, and I know there are plenty of assets already in game that would fill out the areas decorations are lacking in, you just need to add them as decorations. I think it might benefit them to have whichever group at DE is working with decorations just sit down and try to decorate stuff in a clan dojo for a few days, to try and make as many different themed rooms as they can while being very perfectionistic, they would quickly come to realize how weirdly limiting the current catalog of decorations is. However, I also know this is absolutely not a priority as this only affects a small portion of the playerbase, so it is understandable that it is like this, but it really needs some love in the right places.

I posted this to the forums and only one person looked at it, and I know this is further evidence it's not an issue most people care about, but I wanted to try my luck on reddit. The one person who looked at it, Xarteros also made a comment adding on to my points that I fully agree with "What I really want

  • Unify all gardens into JUST large or small. Make garden type selectable and fill the terrain in. Opens up doors for easier customisation (DE can just make selections like Base: Water/Sand/Snow/Ash/Infested/Dirt/Grass, Path: Wooden/Stone/Paved/Catwalk/None etc)
    • At the same time, do the same for Temples (change statue in middle), and Halls (change/remove/add stairs and walkway configurations, columns etc)
    • Also at the same time, allow us to set most rooms/walkways to have different flooring (so we can make grassy halls without looking weird) and options like ceiling windows etc.
  • Noclip mode, be able to fly around the bounds of the room, not just the physical interiors. ENABLE FREE CLIPPING TO ALL DECORATIONS DURING PLACEMENT.
    • It gets so hard to not be able to place an object because it clips with the walls/floor/ceiling or other decorations, and it's limiting our art.
    • Make objects that clip have an outline or other visual indicator in placement mode, to show that they are partially or entirely clipping with terrain or other decorations. That makes them easier to spot if you're flying around in No-clip mode (but is hidden once you exit placement mode)

there's more, but you've covered a lot of what I want as well anyway.

Just my 2p"

I am not the most hopeful about this doing anything, but even if it doesn't, it was good to vent about it. If anyone has any other suggestions about how to make the system better or any decoration niches you want to be filled, I would love to hear them.

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