Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.3

Warframe14 - Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.3

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Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.3

Conservation Changes:

  • Increased chance of rarer Nexifera:

    • Common ~67%->56%
    • Uncommon ~23%->28%
    • Rare 10%->17%
      • Only one Nexifera spawns at a time, and because they don't have Vome/Fass restrictions like some of the other animal variants this effectively diluted the table if you were hunting for a specific one. This will provide a bit more variety!
  • A Son Transmission will now play when you fail to mimic an animal with your Echo Lure.

Infested Research Bounty Changes:

The Bonus condition of ‘Collect no more than 3 fluid sacs’ had the most common feedback of being too difficult when trying to reach 25 and 30 marked enemy kills using just 3 Fluid Sacs. We’ve made some changes to ease the general Bounty flow and also provide an improved opportunity to achieve the Bonus condition:

  • Increased Fluid Sac splash radius increased to 16m.

  • Increased enemy reinforcement density while holding a Fluid Sac.

  • Reduced delay between reinforcements to 1s while holding a Fluid Sac for overall faster enemy spawning.


  • Separated Kitguns from the Primary/Secondary weapons in the Mastery breakdown into its own category.

    • Kitguns moved from Secondary to Primary in Mastery breakdown in Deimos: Arcana — since this might cause some confusion we decided to just have Kitgun Weapons in the Mastery breakdown. This also makes it clear you don't double dip!
  • Removed self damage from Orvius charged projectile.

  • Deconstructor can no longer equip Volatile Quick Return and Volatile Rebound.

    • Deconstructor projectiles do not have any explosive properties so the Mods did nothing.
  • Glaive meleeing will cancel Athodai's "secondary fire beam" in Dual Wield mode now.

  • Changed Volatile Quick Return +100% Blast Radius to +3 Blast Radius

    • Multiplicative radius increase was increasing Glaives with a high base radius to higher than intended ranges.
  • Changed the default Necramech ramming and hovering controller bindings to crouch for ramming, and aim for hovering.

    • Player feedback provided insight that pressing and holding hover with the controller removed the ability to aim with the right stick. This issue made air combat difficult on controllers and restricted Necramech gameplay to be on the ground. Please let us know how this change feels!

Fixes :

  • Fixed the actual base Blueprint for the new Arum Spinosa and Sporothrix not being in Rotation A of Deimos: Arcana Bounties. Arum Spinosa Blueprint is now in Rotation A at 18%, with Sporothrix Blueprint in Rotation A at 21%.

  • Fixed the final mission on The Deadlock Protocol Quest not being completable (the boss fight with Protea).

  • Fixed Isolation Vaults not being replayable from Mother after returning to the Necralisk.

  • Fixed numerous issues with the Cracks in Deimos Isolation Vault Bounty.

  • Fixed a potential crash with Clients playing as Grendel.

  • Fixed a crash related to Drones.

  • Fixed UI becoming unresponsive when holding down a key while using Fast Travel/Decoration mode in the Dojo.

  • Fixed Morgha primary fire consuming more ammo than intended when used with Archwing.

  • Fixed Polyp-Hog Juggernaut sometimes playing its dig animation in the wrong area.

  • Fixed various issues with enemy navigation not working on the Grineer Galleon.

  • Fixed Mire melee input becoming unresponsive.

  • Fixed Bonewidow’s Exalted Ironbride behaving poorly on Clients (i.e not appearing).

  • Fixed stability issues and crashing during the Cracks in Deimos Bounty.

  • Fixed an issue with the Cracks in Deimos Bounty not always progressing.

  • Fixed an issue with the Subsume action on the Helminth sometimes losing player input.

  • Fixed inability to equip Scrawls on the Infested K-Drive.

  • Fixed Mission Mastery breakdown not displaying when viewing somebody's Profile.

  • Fixed in-game News Console clipping with text.

  • Fixed line when picking up the Fluid Sac in the Infested Research Bounty.

  • Fixed text filepath showing for Medals.

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