Deimos Arcana: Initial thoughts from test server

Warframe11 - Deimos Arcana: Initial thoughts from test server

Hi all,

I was lucky enough to participate in the last test server so I jumped right in to test Deimos Arcana once it became available. Overall, I was pretty happy, some really cool stuff coming, but also some stuff that's not so cool. Below I've compiled some feedback on changes. In addition here is an album with some screenshots of two new mods I didn't see mentioned and what appeared to be a new way of obtaining Entrati tokens: https://imgur.com/a/IzIRjpW


  • Frame changes and augments
    • Chroma
      • The ability to cycle through elements is very nice, much needed QoL.
      • Spectral Scream is very much still in contention for the worst ability in the game.
      • The "chaining" doesn't work like you think it will, it seems to pick one random enemy within a certain range and repeat that approximately once per second whenever it procs a status effect. It should work like nukor/atomos/amprex, but it doesn't.
      • Has a negative side effect of element switching being tied to spectral scream, so you can't really replace it with Helminth now.
      • Doesn't seem to have a new passive yet.
      • EDIT: Forgot something that was really annoying. If you switch elements you can't recast Elemental Ward, which can kinda defeat the purpose of being able to switch elements.
    • Nidus
      • Chance to get stacks isn't shown in UI, seemed around 20% from testing, couldn't confirm though. Definitely QoL bump but not a huge buff.
    • Nekros
      • Honestly a really cool change that makes the Shield of Shadows build a lot more fun. Nekros has something to use all his energy on if you're using Equilibrium with Despoil. Definitely falls in the "fun/cool but not optimal/effective" category for me. Good for memes.
    • Atlas
      • Useless change that didn't even seem to work properly. Enemies seemed to be taking slash damage without getting any slash procs. Still useless, sorry.
    • Zephyr
      • 2 change was not noticeable at all
      • 4 change was really nice QoL. I already play a good amount of Zephyr and she needed this badly. It is so much easier to use her 4 effectively now and you can actually use it to amplify damage like you are supposed to. Probably the frame change I'm most excited about.
    • Ash
      • A change I was excited about that didn't pan out like I hoped. Yes, you only have to mark enemies once, but very importantly it still marks enemies with Bladestorm 3 times, just in one pass. That means if you target 20 enemies, you clones still need to attack 60 times. I.e. this change does nothing to decrease TTK using Bladestorm in large packs, only makes it marginally easier to tag enemies. This is an extremely small change as most enemies would die from 1 stack of Bladestorm anyways (with a build focused on that playstyle). This also doesn't improve synergy with arcanes like arcane trickery, where you need to get kills with the initial Bladestorm attack and not the slash damage for them to proc. Since it's 3 small attacks and not one large one, these are still difficult to proc at higher levels. Most disappointing change for me.
    • Wisp
      • Augment is okay, will be good for Eidolon hunters and people who really like snipers, very niche. Strength increases the crit chance you get per unit distance, but the 350% cap will not change with mods. Duration extends the duration of the crit buff. Fits fairly easily on most duration/str Wisp setups.
    • Revenant
      • Augment seems to stack with serration, hornet sting, etc. The damage does scale with strength so it will be better than it seems at first glance. Definitely worth considering for high strength Revenant builds. For example with my general use Rev build with 254% strength I had a bonus of 63% weapon damage per enthralled enemy. That's not too shabby.
    • Gauss
      • Very cool augment that I see being relatively popular. Makes what looks like is just a reused Vauban vortex upon impact, relatively low range but could be pretty nice and encourage building range on Gauss.
    • Garuda
      • Augment is okay at best, not all that great imo. The base range is 7m so you need to invest in a significant amount of range to really get much use out of it. Still has a pretty long animation, was still brutal without Natural Talent. Pretty disappointing. Would be much better if it reduced the cast time and could potentially take Natural Talent's slot in Garuda builds and if it had a larger base range. To make it really usable in missions I felt like I had to go 190%+ range, felt the best at 235%+ (Stretch + Overextended).
    • Gara
      • Deluxe is absolutely gorgeous. Nailed it DE, so beautiful.
  • Weapons (mods)
    • I'm assuming people will be linking screenshots with the stats for all these so I'll focus on how they felt once I maxed them and got 1 forma on them for a decent build. Tested on lvl 150 Corrupted Heavy Gunners. I got all these in the mail, I tried to find their source where I could. Overall I'm most excited for the bow and least excited for the nunchaku.
    • Bubonico (arm canon, shotgun)
      • Felt very nice. Battery ammo. Balanced crit/status shotgun primary fire, grenade launcher with heavy status on secondary. I could not find the location of the blueprint. Definitely viable for higher level enemies and has a unique feel imo.
      • Bio lab dojo
    • Primary beam kitgun (beam, rifle)
      • The beam kitguns shot out what looked like a tentacle at enemies. The primary beam kitgun chained similar to the amprex. Could be built with variable stats in Fortuna. I could not find location of blueprints, supposed to be Father?
      • This and the secondary had insane screen shake, worse than primary catchmoon.
    • Secondary beam kitgun (beam, rifle)
      • No chaining like primary, instead had reload grenade mechanic like Catabolyst.
    • Primary egg kitgun (shotgun) and Secondary egg kitgun (pistol)
      • Doing these together since there didn't seem to be much difference in them. Seemed to, well, shoot eggs at enemies. Somewhat like a grenade launcher. Variable stats. Secondary had reload grenade mechanic.
    • Proboscis Cernos (bow)
      • AWESOME! Basically Nidus in a bow. Tentacles shoot out, whether you hit an enemy or the floor, in a fairly respectable radius (seemed like 10-12m), gloop enemies together and explode with base viral damage and high status chance. I found this most useful as a CO primer with high fire rate (long-ish draw time with no quick fire option) and high status chance. Amazing complement to melee weapons. Shoot this as you move towards enemies, clump them up and apply status at the same time. Really, really, really fun weapon. Also, hilarious when combined with Zephyr's 4 😀
      • BP from market for credits. Uses mutalist cernos to craft.
    • Sporothrix (sniper)
      • Pretty interesting status-based sniper. Someone told me the low crit was a bug, but I can't confirm. Very high status with a large weighting towards slash. There seemed to be maybe a bug where I wasn't getting nearly as many slash procs as I thought I would with the builds I was testing. Head explosions mechanic is not as strong as Zymos, but still nice for applying more status. The explosion takes an awkwardly long time to go off, so it's hard to take advantage of the extra status procs, would be nice if it was faster. Also there was some weird vision distortion while scoped that was awful and I hope a bug.
      • Could not find location of BP, not even in the market for plat. Maybe quest reward?
    • Catabolyst (pistol)
      • Very fun weapon with nice stats for a secondary. Respectable crit and status for the primary fire and the "alt" fire of throwing your clip as a grenade when you reload had craaazy crit stats and did loads of damage. Really fun, unique weapon that I enjoyed a lot. Very excited to use this and the bow.
      • BP at father
    • Pulmonars (nunchaku)
      • Average stats. Seemed very similar to the Ninkondi Prime, but a little worse imo. Unfortunately the only stance available is very bad, so this weapon was underwhelming even for a melee.
      • BP at father
    • Arum Spinosa (warfan, didn't get new stance RIP)
      • Very high status with a distribution focused on slash, what's not to love. Very good weapon if you don't want to use combo counter mods as you can go all status with CO and do very well. Looking forward to testing this with the new warfan stance.
    • Thanotech grenade launcher
      • Not going to replace Mausolon but still a really nice weapon. The alt fire on this feels amazing to use. Didn't seem to have the awkard delay after using the alt fire like Cortege. Comes with the thano mech. Couldn't test the mech all that much, seemed okay. Looked pretty cool!
  • Arcanes
    • Oh boy… I don't even know what to put here. There was a post here on Reddit that went into why the WF arcanes are bad and it pretty much nailed it. The residual/theorem arcane thing is a nice idea but damn, they are ridiculously awful. Unless they get massive buffs I would highly discourage anyone from farming them.
    • Residual arcanes could be used on any kitgun, not just infested ones. 20% chance to proc on kill for elemental damage in a small area. It was extremely difficult to tell when this procced. Also, the aoe damage does not apply the respective status effects. These are, frankly, completely useless. IF they were 100% chance on kill with kitgun, and 100% chance to apply the status effect, then maybe they would be usable. Right now they are just not usable though.
    • Theorem arcanes. Oh boy, these buffs are just… not good enough. These require the use of a kitgun with a residual arcane to work at all. The only one maybe worth a damn was the stacking damage bonus and even that was only 90% when maxed out. That's not comparable to the other damage arcanes and it has conditionals that are frankly ridiculous. The orb one was at least interesting, since it debuffed enemies by 200% more damage of the element of your residual arcane, but you only spawn one orb every 2s and it only affects one enemy. Like residual arcanes these needs to see massive buffs to every aspect (magnitude of the effects, duration of the buffs, number of enemies affected, etc. ) for them to be worth even considering, much less using. Really big letdown here, just very very bad.
  • Steel Path
    • What can I say, Steel Essence is going to be much harder to come by. There are already other posts with more detailed Steel Path testing on the test cluster, but it's just not going to be efficient at all. I think people won't use Steel Path for kuva farming and will go back to kuva survival. The only reason to get Steel Essence will be Teshin's goodies. Since the one we could see was an umbral forma bp, it might still be worth doing Steel Path just to get those if they are good enough. I hate to use this term but for more casual players I think the changes are overall beneficial. It really targets people who do long endurance runs in optimized groups. With the daily missions you can go do a rescue missions in 3 minutes or whatever and get 5 steel essence between the daily reward and killing the acolyte. Acolytes are also incredibly easy to kill. They can be affected by abilities and are not very tanky.
  • Nice surprises
    • Loid sentinel skin from Necraloid offerings. Also had a Thanotech sentinel mask, tail and wings.
    • New mods from Son! These are in the album above, one new mod for vulpaphyla and predasites.
    • What seemed to be a new system for getting tokens at Grandmother, also shown in the album above. Could trade Deimos resources in for serums and other items that lore-wise seemed to indicate the Entrati were trying to heal Deimos and/or themselves.

Personally I'm most excited for Garuda's claws finally being fixed, the Zephyr tornado changes, only playing Gara forever and ever since that skin is gorgeous and the new infested bow. Hopefully all this was useful for someone out there who couldn't test the new goodies. I really hope we see some buffs to the arcanes or they will be dead on arrival, very sad.

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