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Warframe8 - Dev Workshop - Nightwave Changes for Series 2


DE Bear:

Hey Dreamers!

A while back we posted requesting feedback on Nightwave Episode 1: The Wolf of Saturn 6. Now we are putting that feedback into action for Series 2 and we wanted to share our progress! You can find that original thread here: To recap, we already had feedback on the Atayan Statues and RNG, challenges with friends, and how Survival challenges were too long for one sitting. On that note, we have been compiling further feedback from that thread and through other sources, and have come up with some new changes to be implemented in Series 2 of Nightwave.

We are implementing the following:

1) Playing Catch-Up: Stored, Missed Acts!
The biggest change we wanted to announce was the addition of a system which allows you to play missed Acts after you have completed the current Acts for your given week. This will only apply to Weekly and Elite Weekly Acts.

When both Weekly and Elite Weekly Acts are completed for a week, a ‘missed’ Act from a previous week will be available to play and complete. Once you have completed all ‘missed’ Acts, they will no longer appear, only to be refreshed in the next week’s rotation.

2) Degrindification!
The overarching plan here is to reduce the amount of Acts offered in any given week, but maintain the Standing rewards they provide.

Series 1 has 7 Weekly Acts and 3 Elite Weekly Acts. Series 2 will be reduced to 5 Weekly Acts and 2 Elite Weekly Acts. While there will be less Acts overall, the rewards for these Acts will increase, so you will earn the same amount of Standing as you would in the previous Episode upon completion. We are also looking at front-loading more Cred with the next Series to increase the initial amount of Creds received for participating!

3) Changes to Existing Acts!

  • 'With Clanmates / Friends' Act requirements have been removed completely
  •  Change 'Complete 5 Sorties' Elite Weekly to 'Complete 3 Sorties'
  • Complete any '60 minute Survival' Act reduced to 30 minutes
  •  Ayatan Socket requirement for Acts lowered from 5 to 3
  • ‘10 perfect conservations’ reduced to ‘6 different perfect conservations’
  • ‘10 Bounties’ reduced to ‘5 different Bounties’
  • Increase the Sanctuary Onslaught Acts from 3 rounds to 8 rounds

4) New Acts!


  • Find 5 Syndicate Medallions
  • Transmute 12 Mods
  • Deploy an Air Support Charge in a mission
  • Pet your Kubrow or Kavat (Very Important)


  • Complete 3 Kuva Siphon Missions
  • Complete 3 different K-Drive races in Orb Vallis

Elite Weekly

  • Complete a Spy mission using your Operator. Warframe cannot leave spawn room.

5) The Emissary
Of course, a new Series means a new Nightwave Story. We don't want to spoil too much, but we will be also changing up the way the story interacts with the world. Episode 2 will have more interactivity with the players in new ways, expanding out and growing as the Episode progresses. We are excited for you to see what you make of this new story!

6) The Wolf

The Wolf will remain a threat, and his parts acquirable. When Nightwave Episode 1 concludes, the Wolf will become a random spawn with a small chance of appearing, which will grow as you take on higher level missions. Wolf Beacons will also be available and placed into the normal rotation of Nora Night’s wares. Wolf Creds will expire after Series 1 – spend them while it's active!

We would like to take a moment to thank you all for your collective feedback in the last thread, and as always, we continue to look for ways to improve this new system as it grows and progresses. Let us know your thoughts and your concerns, and as always, please keep your comments constructive and civil.


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