Dev Workshop – Revisiting Augments (19 Warframe Augments buff or change)

Warframe1 - Dev Workshop - Revisiting Augments (19 Warframe Augments buff or change)

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Swazdo-lah, offworlder!

As we re-look at systems within the game, there is one aspect that we haven’t touched in a while, and those are the Augments. As new Augments and new gameplay systems make their way into the game, the older Augments need some attention, and so the team has been assessing what we have and how they can possibly change.

It should be noted that some Augments are tied to abilities that see very little use (such as Pool of Life), however, these will be looked at later on when those same abilities are considered for a rework. For now, this Workshop only covers Augments that we felt we could improve fairly without major overhauls of the base ability as well. They are 'Augments', after all!

This Dev Workshop is to go over the various Augments we are looking at and our considered changes to each one. So, without further ado, let's take a look at what is under the microscope! Keep in mind, all changes here are impacted by other Mods, this is just the proposed changes to the Augment’s themselves!

Hysterical Assault – Hysteria Augment – Valkyr

Let invulnerability linger for half a second when aiming to prevent getting downed immediately in high-damage areas

Increased Range

Rising Storm – Blade Storm Augment – Ash

Attacks by clones will raise the combo counter

Include a passive benefit to extend the combo counter by a duration

Titanic Rumbler – Rumblers Augment – Atlas

Increase to damage and speed Re-triggering the power will activate the taunt, as well as cause a knockdown effect

Hallowed Eruption – Hallowed Ground Augment – Oberon

Additional passive ability that triples base duration

Furious Javelin – Radial Javelin Augment – Excalibur

Increase duration and damage on the buff

Tidal Impunity – Tidal Surge – Hydroid

Increase the duration of the immunity buff

Magnetized Discharge – Magnetize Augment – Mag

Include a passive benefit that increases power range for this Ability only


Muzzle Flash – Shooting Gallery Augment – Mesa

For kills made by a player (self or ally) with Shooting Gallery activated, generate a blinding AoE when threshold is met

Explosive Legerdemain – Sleight of Hand Augment – Mirage

Increase damage and status chance when triggered

Total Eclipse – Eclipse Augment – Mirage

Increase range on the buff to other players

Piercing Roar – Roar Augment – Rhino

Allow Roar to be recast when equipped

Increase debuff duration based on equipped Mods

Generate a stagger effect on enemies when the Roar hits

Contagion Cloud – Toxic Lash Augment – Saryn

Allow buff to activate when enemy is killed by damage over time effects

General increase on range and damage

Transistor Shield – Electric Shield Augment – Volt

No additional energy drain when a shield is picked up by another player

Increase damage conversion %

Target Fixation – Tail Wind Augment – Zephyr

Remove buff after 2 seconds of being on the ground, instead of immediately

Damage increase per target hit

Fireball Frenzy – Fireball Augment – Ember

Freeze Force – Freeze Augment – Frost

Smite Infusion – Smite Augment – Oberon

Venom Dose – Spores Augment – Saryn

Shock Trooper – Shock Augment – Volt

Holding the casting button will send out a wave (much like similar, expanding Warframe Abilities) giving the elemental buff to every player it touches, including the caster

Please be aware that during this process, tweaks and changes will be made to these alterations provided. We are always open to your feedback, so if you have any thoughts on the proposed changes above, we would love to hear your comments in this forum thread! Please make sure to keep your feedback constructive and concise, so we can better compile your thoughts!

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