Dev Workshop: Revisiting Wukong

Warframe13 - Dev Workshop: Revisiting Wukong


Calling all Tenno and Wukong lovers!

Released in 2015, Wukong entered the Arsenal as an homage to Chinese folklore. Since his initial inception, we’ve undergone changes to Melee and beyond which have made this Warframe feel a bit left behind. As highlighted in our latest Devstream, exciting developments are in the works for Wukong – and we are not monkeying around. Read on to see how we plan on making all his abilities a bit more active and meaningful:

Statistic Changes

Health will be increased from 100 to 150 (at max rank increased from 300 to 450). Shield will be decreased from 125 to 100 (at max rank decreased from 375 to 300). Why? Since Wukong’s new kit now involves an armour buff, relying more on his health will enable a better synergy. Energy will be increased from 100 to 120 (at max rank 150 to 180). Sprint will be increased from .95 to 1.0.

Celestial Twin

Replacing Iron Jab, Celestial Twin will allow for Wukong to shed a part of himself to call a supporting clone into action. The clone will attack from range while Wukong uses melee, or will use melee while Wukong uses range. Press ability again to command Wukong’s clone to attack a specific target with increased damage. Wukong’s clone will remain until it runs out of life. Reasons for changes: Iron Jab is being replaced as it essentially exists as a weaker version of other powers. Wukong’s Ultimate can fulfill and surpass the role of Iron Jab, while fulfilling more of Wukong’s lore and creating a more powerful, synergized kit.

Cloud Walker

Wukong evaporates into a fast-moving cloud of mist that will temporarily daze and paralyze enemies in his path. While in his cloud of mist, Cloud Walker has the additional mechanic of healing Wukong and his clone. His movement can be interrupted by attacking at any time. Cloud Walker has a much faster cast time which will no longer hold Wukong in place. Wukong will no longer trigger laser traps or doors while using Cloud Walker. Energy cost for Cloud Walker has been lowered. Reasons for changes: Previously, Cloud Walker did not have many use cases as it was a slower and lesser stealth option than that of other frames. These changes make the Ability good for repositioning, more well-rounded – and WAY faster.


Defy will now taunt enemies while Wukong and his clone gain temporary invulnerability with reduced movement speed. All damage is captured, stored, and dealt back in a single furious long range staff spin attack. Based on the amount of damage prevented by Defy, Wukong and his clone will receive a temporary armour buff. Press ability again to trigger spin early. Reasons for changes: Previously, Defy’s invulnerability was not very interactive. This change features invulnerability while encouraging more tactical, active, and interesting gameplay techniques. As many of us used Defy to be immortal, it simply was too much of a set-it-and-forget it ability. Changing it to still offer invulnerability is important to us, and strengthening the rest of his Abilities makes up for the loss of complete god mode.


Primal Fury

Primal Fury will feature a new specialized and streamlined combo for Wukong’s legendary Iron Staff. As a preview of the upcoming Melee 3.0 system, Wukong’s Primal Fury uses new combo routes with simplified inputs providing a safe, limited space to try out coming releases. Damage for Wukong and his clone is redistributed for a more powerful feel, with a much higher status chance, larger base range, and some slash. Casting no longer holds Wukong in place. With new energy requirements, the cast cost of Primal Fury was lowered but cast drain was increased to be turned off and on as desired. Animation has been trimmed. The range of Wukong’s Iron Staff is always long, comparable to top range Zaws, and no longer needs to build combo to scale range. Reasons for changes: When Primal Fury was started to be used previously, it felt weak due to short range and after some use felt strong. These changes will enable a stronger, more exciting play while featuring a taste of the upcoming Melee 3.0 system.


5 Levels of Immortality: Wukong has learned 5 techniques to avoid death whenever he takes fatal damage. Wukong will be randomly allowed 3 of these techniques per mission to avoid death 3 times. Each technique will make Wukong invulnerable for 2 seconds, restore 50% health, and provide a unique buff. Primal Forces: Triple elemental damage for 60 seconds Heavenly Cloak: Invisibility for 30 seconds Cosmic Armour: Invulnerable for 30 seconds Monkey Luck: Extra loot drops for 60 seconds Sly Alchemy: Orbs 4x more effective for 60 seconds


Celestial Twin Augment: Replacing Iron Vault, Wukong will command his clone to perform a wide radius slam, suspending enemies. Enveloping Cloud: No planned changes. Primal Rage: Increased cap from 100 to 150%, increased bonus per kill from 10% to 15%. Drain now scales with duration, so the higher Wukong’s duration, the slower it drains, and when Wukong gets a kill the drain stops for 5 seconds.

Right now, Wukong is one of our less utilized Warframes. We hope that these changes will create a more interesting and engaging playing experience for current Wukong mains while helping this trickster find his way into the hearts of future fans. To celebrate the changes, all players who currently own Wukong will receive 3 Forma!

We’re really excited to share these early stages, but keep in mind that everything listed is still subject to change prior to release! Please feel free to share your constructive feedback and thoughts below on the developments coming to The Monkey King. As Lotus once said, “Everybody's got something to hide, Tenno. Except Wukong.”

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