Dev Workshop: Titania – utterly unsatisfying

Warframe2 - Dev Workshop: Titania - utterly unsatisfying

What's good about it?

  • Vacuum during her 4

What's bad about it?

  • Everything balance related. She needed buffs, but from the perspective of an avid Titania player: While well intended – those buffs were all in the wrong places.

Her frame:

  • Extremely low armor and health. Her kit has multiple "dodge rate / enemy accuracy penalty" skills – but this just means that she gets 1-shot less often, not that she doesn't get one shot. It's unreliable and completely unviable for Arbitrations.
  • For some reason at some point the devs decided to nerf Aviator so it doesn't work with her 4 in order to keep her one of the most easy to kill frames ingame even if teched defensively. It's plain unintuitive and frankly doesn't help her viability.

Her abilities:

Ability 1:

  • Status immunity is a nice thing to have – but why was it put on an offensive skill if she literally has a skill dedicated to buffing on her 2? It just doesn't make sense.
  • There's not really a point in having two AoE "stun"-ish abilities (ability 1 and 3). Those both essentially do the same, with this one being cheaper.

Ability 2:

  • As mentioned in the frame section – getting 1shot less often doesn't really lead to a better experience if it still occurs regularly. A flat (or percental) defense increase would make her more consistent and more fun. That being said – her biggest strength is her range and kite-ability gained by her 4. Being forced into close combat to pick up the buff is just flat-out counter intuitive. Then there's the fact that most of its effects are just plain gimmiky. Damage reflection is useless as enemies have 100x your health and your defense relies on AVOIDING damage. Pet damage is unreliable at best making this buff as bad….

Ability 3:

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  • In theory good to lure enemies in – practically the range is much too low, so is the laughable explosion damage. Being able to recast this ability post buff only means that you're burning through your energy for one of the least powerful CC abilities ingame.

Ability 4:

  • Titania's bread and butter. It's a fun to use ability which suffers from poor QoL, like not being able to restock Razorflies without a full recast… And while the ability itself is fun the low casting range of her other abilities counteracts it immensely… Then there's the Razorwing Blitz augment which yet again is great in theory – but suffers from all of her other abilities being targeted ones instead of being "free cast" which could allow her to keep up her stacks if the enemy spawns don't line up perfectly.

What would I love to see for her?

Ability 2 (soft rework):

  • AoE buff without further requirements. Lose some of the gimmiky benefits like damage reflection in favor of some sort of armor buff. Move her 1's CC-immunity here.

Ability 1 & 3:

  • Combine these abilities into one. She doesn't need 2 AoE CC's that doe essentially the same. Combining the abilities into one frees up a slot to grant her a truly unique ability, possibly something to encourage her Razorfly-Queen identity (suggestions welcome!)

Ability 4:

  • Talking about Razorflies – either make them invulnerable or allow them to respawn over time without recasting.

Thanks for bearing with my wall of Text!

I truly love Titania's basic idea and identity, I hope she gets the love she deserves. Cheers & have a nice day everybody!

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