Devstream #150 recap

Warframe15 - Devstream #150 recap

I'm not late, YOU are late


  • Gift of the Lotus Alert: Legendary Core (alert active until the weekend)

  • warframe - Devstream #150 recap

    The official Warframe Discord server has opened new channels!
  • tennobaum - Devstream #150 recap

    Tennobaum is live! This year's donation goes towards Kids help phone
  • Submission deadline for Tenogen round 20 is February 15, 2021

  • Tennogen round 19 part 2 coming to Consoles soontm

  • 2021 will start off pretty corpus heavy

Corpus Railjack


  • Final fights agaisnt Queenpins and Liches will finally come to Railjack

  • you can expect to fight some warframe specters thanks to parvos granum hand his particles

  • rewards for defeating a queenpin include 4 new corpus themed ephemeras
    unknown - Devstream #150 recap

    unknown - Devstream #150 recap

    unknown - Devstream #150 recap

    unknown - Devstream #150 recap
  • unknown - Devstream #150 recap

    Briefecase rocket launcher that's not how you carry a birefecase, though

Command Intrinsics

  • Ranking up Command allows you to have more crew members, and to use converted Liches

  • unknown - Devstream #150 recap

    Visit Ticker to hire more crew members
  • unknown - Devstream #150 recap

    Different people come with diferent stats and skills
  • unknown - Devstream #150 recap

    Crew menu shows stats and weapons of your crew
  • unknown - Devstream #150 recap

    visual customization includes animation set, attachments, syandana and colors
  • unknown - Devstream #150 recap

    you can train your crew in piloting, gunnery, engineering, combat and survivability
  • Your crew can use any weapon form your arsenal

unknown - Devstream #150 recap

  • unknown - Devstream #150 recap

    is going to release with a Leverian
  • Passive: Energy and Universal Orbs give Lavos status immunity for 10 seconds. Hold any ability to timbue the next ability cast with the additional elemental status.

  • Ophidian Bite: Lash out with a toxic serpentine strike, consuming the target to heal Lavos. Hold to imbue the next ability cast with Toxin Damage.

  • Vial Rush (Helminth ability): Dash forward, crashin through enemies and leaving an icy trail of broken vials. Hold to imbue the next ability cast with Cold damage.

  • Transutation Probe: Launch a probe that converts Health and Energy Orbs into Universal Orbs, that provide both, and ammo pickup into Universal Ammo Pickups. The probe shocks enemies in close proximity. Each electrocuted foe reduces other ability cooldowns by one second. Hold to imbue the net ability cast with Electricity damage.

  • Catalyze: Catalyst Probes erupt from Lavos and douse combatants in a fiert gel. Damage is doubled for each element afflicting an enemy. Hold to imbue the next ability cast with Fire damage.

  • Lavos does not have any energy. The ability economy is based on cooldowns. Efficiency increases the cooldown reduction granted by Transmutaton Probe

  • unknown - Devstream #150 recap

    Hold the ability buttons to select and mix elements for the next ability cast
  • Signature Weapon: Cedo. A Shotgun that can launch an elemental Glaive

Operation: Orphix Venom

  • coming to PC within a week

  • use Necramechs in regular missions to deactivate sentient orphixes that your warframes can't get too close to. There will be stray Necramechs in the area, so you don't have to own one yourself to participate

  • unknown - Devstream #150 recap

    new Necramech customization: Helmets

Operation rewards include:

  • Lavos main, part and alt helmet blueprints

  • Cedo Blueprint and parts

  • Necramech CryptanautHelmet

  • skins for all 3 necramech weapons

  • necramech glyphs

  • new Necramech mods

  • Returning rewards from Operation Scalet Spear ( Ceti Lacera, Basmu, Ballroom Simulacrum, Clan sigils , Stance forma and Arcanes

  • unknown - Devstream #150 recap

    new necramech?

Various other stuff

  • unknown - Devstream #150 recap

    Prime Noggles for Titania, Inaros and Nezha
  • Wildcard requiem: Know the first two requiems of your lich? drop a wildcard in the last slot, and you're done

  • Corpus railjack, queenpins and command may not come in one update, but they are "pretty dang close"

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