Different transmissions should be optional. Hearing the same shit over and over makes me hate what used to be good additions to the game.

Warframe12 - Different transmissions should be optional. Hearing the same shit over and over makes me hate what used to be good additions to the game.

Have you ever gone to the options and turned transmission volume down to 0? I greatly recommend it.

A while ago if you had've asked me I would have said that that would ruin the atmosphere of the game, but for Helminth I had to grind Exploiter and Disruption again and my brain could not handle the wrench-in-a-garbage-disposal that is Little Duck speaking.

Then I finished those grinds and just left it off. And since then I've had the most enjoyable and pleasant experience of Warframe I've had in years.

I'm cracking relics without hearing the word "reactant" 16 times in 20 seconds. I'm doing regular missions without the constant glitchy breaking up noise of Orchid talking. No more "Hooooold up!" every 5 minutes, you can shut up instead.

In a game where every patch seems to be a wave of new options and graphics settings that have probably more than once meant Steve needed to change his pants, we still have no control over transmissions.

Go see how many hours you have in the game. Do you think at mastery rank 29 and 4000 hours you still need to be given a tutorial on how to open a relic, or that you need to find a consiole and plug her in? Look at you, you've been capped on Nightwave for weeks, you've bought out the store, do you need FIVE DIFFERENT TRANSMISSIONS in a single mission to tell you to kill enemies for 150 standing? Better yet, do you need those same 5 transmissions the next mission? And the next, and the next and the next? Hell no.

You're grinding the bosses for parts, not even to get a new frame, but because you've ALREADY grinded that boss for the frame and now you're doing it again to toss one in the dumpster for an ability you probably won't even use on another frame. Do you need to hear Rude Zuud wailing "TELL ME THEIR NAMES" or have it explained to you that coolant reactants carry coolant? Of course not. Do you care that Lotus' mother was a carpenter? You probably didn't the first time. Do you care that that dweeb from the Perrin Sequence that considers you an enemy wants you to defeat the cool guy who created Grofit? No!


You made the mistake of making a Lich. You are a valuable human being who works or studies, so in your free time you really don't feel like killing 1600 thralls to fight a bitch who decides to hibernate once you've finally worked out their combination. Do you need to hear the SAME GODDAMN LINES every time you boot up the game? Every time you open the star chart on the wrong planet? Every time you finish a mission? God no.

The voice acting in this game is great. Once or twice. Hearing the exact same lines on a loop over and over is absolutely terrible. By forcing us to have all these transmissions on all the time for zero benefit it ruins the work of the people who put a lot of time and effort into recording them, and those who put time and effort into editing them.

They go from great additions to the game, lore that adds context and value to a boss, and instructions on how to do something new, to absolute nails on a chalkboard that make you want to hunt someone down and kick them in the nards for inflicting it upon you. If these were optional, I might actually enjoy turning the narration of Exploiter on once in a while. As it is I can basically say it from memory start to finish and I'm STILL forced to hear it.

Transmissions should be clearly divided and put into the options. Not simply a global volume control, but an outright option to disable them. As it is there is currently an option "Disable hint transmissions" but what is considered a hint seems to be so scarce that this hardly makes an impact. I suggest the following options:

Quest Transmissions: On/Off

Nightwave Transmissions: On/Off

Tutorial/Instructional Transmissions: On/Off

Boss Narration Transmissions: On/Off

Ordis transmissions: On/Off

Lich transmissions: On/Off

Little Duck transmissions: Off

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