Disruption has all the makings of a better (and more engaging) Kuva farm than Kuva Survival (Forum X-post)

Warframe13 - Disruption has all the makings of a better (and more engaging) Kuva farm than Kuva Survival (Forum X-post)

First wanna say that Disruption has been by far my favorite game mode on the star chart at the moment, and outside of Eidolon hunting during the occasional night cycle, that's where all my time has been sunk since the release of JC. However, once the clan event is done and that feeling of purpose that comes from running the endurance node with my friends & clanmates is gone, there's not going to be a reason to go back. The rotational rewards are borderline insulting (12 hexenon, really? If you tickle an amalgam they'll give you like 20 of the stuff). The only things I was ever happy to see were some of the new rare set mods. A different set of rewards feels needed to keep up interest in this excellent game mode.

After nearly 1500 hours, Kuva and Arcanes are the only resources/items I really feel compelled to farm for. In Disruption, once you get the new set mods, you don't need to get them again. Hexenon feels like the new Fieldron sample already. And you can get relics from basically any other activity in the game, and more efficiently (+ Disruption doesn't even drop Axi Relics).
I'd like to see Warframe Arcanes remain a staple reward from the Eidolons, since tridolons really do feel like an accomplishment with a satisfying return on your time invested. What about Kuva though? After the once-per hour Kuva Flood, Kuva Survival becomes the best spot to farm Kuva. Kuva Survival's biggest issue is its lack of increasing marginal returns on time investment. The only reason to stay longer than 20 minutes is so you don't have to waste time sitting through loading screens, which is a pitiful incentive. Survival itself isn't a bad game mode (in fact it's the game mode I most associate Warframe with as a whole), but it becomes monotonous and isn't as engaging as something like Disruption. Disruption has enough wrinkles to keep almost every run feeling fresh and new.

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So what about using a Kuva mechanic in Disruption? Lore/game-mode particulars first: Infested Salvage is inherently tied to the Infested, Defection is Grineer-centric, and Disruption is Corpus-based. I'm assuming it's theoretically possible to create tiles and relevant in-game transmissions for each of these game modes to be supported/hosted by each faction. What if we had a scenario where the Tenno boarded the Kuva Fortress in an attempt to stop mass amounts of Kuva from getting into the Grineer Queens' hands, but used the Disruption game mode as the foundation rather than survival? Hell, the conduits already kinda look like they could be some kind of miniature Kuva Siphon. The amalgam backdrop doesn't feel entirely necessary either; I'd love to see more Kuva Guardian-esque enemies appear as mini bosses that took the place of Demolysts.

In terms of actually earning Kuva, the formula for scoring points for Operation: Hostile Mergers already feels like it'd work pretty well. Scoring minimal points (Kuva) by activating one conduit (Siphon) at a time vs maximum points by doing all 4 simultaneously is a worthwhile risk/reward setup. The only glaringly obvious drawback to this approach is (like Kuva Survival) a lack of increasing marginal returns, seeing as the first round would probably net you more Kuva than any of the later rounds since it'd be the easiest. Valuable rotational rewards could remedy that (the rotation structure for Disruption itself is quite well done), or even adding a small, steadily scaling multiplier to your total Kuva count based on the round you reach. Something to make pushing that next round an actual tactical decision instead of defaulting to "So we'll extract at 20 minutes and reset?" is necessary.

Just a few thoughts. Disruption is easily my favorite game mode, but man am I gonna be disappointed if there stops being a reason to play it.
TLDR; Grineer/Kuva Fortress re-skin of Disruption, using the O:HM point system for accumulating Kuva.

Read:  New or Returning Player? Welcome (Back) to WARFRAME!

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