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Do you hate nullifiers? I sure hate nullifiers

Warframe6 - Do you hate nullifiers? I sure hate nullifiers

We all know nullifiers. We all hate nullifiers. With their bullshit no-fun bubbles and their stupid little drones. So let's pop the bubble. And it just so happens that I've designed and built a weapon for this express purpose! It's a kitgun. I call it the Pincushion.

Let's pop some bubbles! First things first: nullie bubbles have what's called Object health. This means they're completely immune to critical hits. Aren't nullie bubbles Fun™? This immunity to critical hits is why we throw all of our loader's weight into status chance. Since critical chance and damage won't help us pop the bubble, we might as well turn the weapon into a status-proc machine. That way it has other applications outside of popping bubbles, if we choose.

So how do we pop them quickly? Well, as it turns out, nullifier bubbles behave a little strangely. Any hit on a nullie bubble that does under 100 damage is bumped up to 100 damage and any hit that does over 400 damage is nerfed down to 400 damage. So base damage doesn't matter quite as much.

p6qp1zll72p21 - Do you hate nullifiers? I sure hate nullifiers

Here are the components. You'll need rank 4 (Cove) with Solaris United for access to this loader.

Allow me to explain my reasoning for each element of the kitgun:

  • Chamber: Rattleguts has the highest rate-of-fire after Gaze, but Rattleguts is also hitscan. Which means you don't need to worry about how far away you are from the annoying nullie to pop his bubble.
  • Loader: Since we're building for fire-rate but we're specifically ignoring critical hits, we want a higher-capacity max-status Loader. Hence, the Ramflare.
  • Grip: Since fire-rate is a priority for us, we can sacrifice the damage of the other grips and invest whole-hog in the fire-rate increase of the Gibber. There are only 3 consistent fire-rate mods for pistols in the game (Gunslinger, Lethal Torrent, and Anemic Agility) and one that's a temporary buff (Pressurized Magazine). However, there are many more damage mods. (Hornet Strike, Augur Pact, 4x 90% elemental, 4x 60%/60% elemental, 3x 60% IPS, etc.) Thus, it's better to capitalize on the fire-rate rather than base damage for our build


    The equation to calculate the percentage that the bubble shrinks after any given hit looks like this:

(Damage / 100) * 0.06 = Percentage of shrink

If we are dealing 400 damage per shot, the equation would be as follows:

(400 / 100) * 0.06

4 * 0.06 = 0.24 or 24%

But what would the stats on this wunder weapon look like? There's a basic core that's common to every build

97g715crb2p21 - Do you hate nullifiers? I sure hate nullifiers

This is the barebones template for the build, but this isn't quite viable yet. We're only dealing 187.7 damage per shot.

Time to experiment with some of those damage mods!

nq3cq5hcc2p21 - Do you hate nullifiers? I sure hate nullifiers

Here we've surpassed the 400 damage minimum with just two more mods! However, how can we refine this build?

4emkpf1cf2p21 - Do you hate nullifiers? I sure hate nullifiers

Here's my final build. I've left two mod slots open to allow anyone to finish off the build

Now we have a final version of our weapon. It deals 403 damage per shot, just over our key threshold. Better yet, it deals that damage at 35.42 rounds per second. That's over 2000 RPM, faster than the MG-42 Light Machine Gun. It's got a potato and 3 formas in it, but how does it perform? Enjoy this test clip I recorded as proof of concept.

Fuck nullifier bubbles.

I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to copy, adapt, and experiment with your own concepts on this. Have a great day.

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