Don’t freak out: Railjack Rework is another experiment.

Warframe3 - Don't freak out: Railjack Rework is another experiment.

Been seeing a lot of angry thread about the new Corpus Railjack missions, how they're just regular missions crammed into Railjack missions which are now very brief and simple, and I've been feeling some of the same things. I get that DE wanted to integrate Railjack into the normal flow of Warframe gameplay, but felt that they took it too far and now there isn't enough Railjack gameplay.

But you know what else those threads helped me realize? This new patch still isn't the final product for the mode, it's yet another experiment. The initial Railjack release was an experiment for the mode itself and was 90% Railjack gameplay (which the Grineer nodes still are, tellingly), now this is the next step in the "Railjack serving as a means to travel between missions" plan with Corpus nodes that are only 10% Railjack gameplay. On that front at least, this has been successful: transitioning back and forth between the Railjack segments and on-ship segments is fairly smooth and there are actually multiple missions on each node. For any who haven't checked them out yet, the white waypoint that shows up in Corpus Railjack (the Venus ones atleast) nodes is an entirely separate sidemission, an Orokin Derelict you can infiltrate for some loot. What this tells me is that the next step of DE's Railjack experiment will be to have multiple missions available per node, with say one mission being a Sabotage on the enemy capital ship and a Survival on a nearby Orokin ruin and possibly even an Exterminate on an enemy outpost in the area. I can even conjecture that the more missions you complete in a single run, the more rewards you get when you finally leave the area.


I also hope that when they do implement this, they also include (and now I'm lookin' at you DE, it's suggestion time) a separate objective for the Railjack section itself so it doesn't get left out of the equation. This would be the perfect place to include Defense or Survival objectives into Railjack. So say for example you have an Orokin ruin where you're doing a Survival mission, one that includes a "Tenno operative raiding the ship for supplies". That lone operative needed to arrive in a ship of their own, didn't they? That means while the away team has to do the Survival, the Railjack team now gets a Defense objective where they have to protect the operative's docked ship from enemy fighters, leading to situations where the Survival team decides it's time to extract not because their mission is getting too dicey, but because the Railjack mission is. Or maybe the entire Railjack section is Survival, and while the away team is working their way through the shipboard missions, more and more waves of fighters and crewships and maybe even capital ships keep warping in to try and drive off the Railjack.

In conclusion, guys, I understand if this patch wasn't everything you were hoping or expecting it to be, I'm there with you. As ever, DE definitely could have been clearer about what this patch really involved and tempered our expectations. But bear in mind that what we're seeing is most likely still a work in progress- welcome to Warframe, still in Open Beta after 8 years- so please, try to keep the righteous indignation in your feedback to a minimum.

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