Don’t let memes cloud your judgement: a reminder from an actual Limbo player

Warframe14 - Don't let memes cloud your judgement: a reminder from an actual Limbo player

So in today's somewhat difficult sortie mission lineup, while putting a squad together, I chose to use Limbo as my defense/support frame for the first mission. My Limbo is modded for minimum range but long duration, meant exclusively as a safe zone creator and objective shielder. Others chose appropriate frames as well, and everything was going fine.

However, during the mission I saw one guy, a Mesa user, perching high and taking most of everyone's fire, so I threw a Banish to him – since being in the Rift doesn't affect Mesa's Peacemaker, which he was relying on, while shielding it from enemy fire. To some confusion of everyone else, he immediately rolled out of the rift. In case he didn't know, I mentioned that it doesn't stop his 4th from killing everything as normal, and tried it again, only for him to repeat that.

After we moved to another node, I tried to shield him with Banish again, only for him to roll off his perch to dispel it once more; when asked why, he said that "he wanted to take the hits". He proceeded to go down in that vulnerable position soon after. But since it's a mobile defense, that didn't really matter anyway – we safely waited out the timers, extracted and moved on.


The second mission was entirely normal with everyone bringing killframes, but the last one, being Ambulas assassination, I took no chances with and again brought Limbo to create a safe zone against artillery and dropship deathstar lasers. The same Mesa player proceeded to refuse to stand in the smol Cataclysm I created (which would have let him safely eliminate Ambulas-reviving drones) and go down every five seconds to all the stupid amounts of damage in the encounter. When he was questioned on why he wouldn't follow the example of the other 3 people in the squad, sitting pretty in the Cataclysm and immune to the fire that kept killing him, he cited "Limbo is cancer frame, fvck you, never grouping with you again" as his reasoning. He tried to hide behind crates to mitigate the damage, but it didn't help much, and one of us had to go revive him a couple times every minute after that and until the encounter was finally over. It proved to be quite the annoying experience, as he had the loadout best suited for quickly downing Ambulas copies.

Guys, I understand that it may be fun to memehate on Limbo, but do remember that no matter how annoying novice and unskilled or deliberately trolling Limbo users may be, the frame itself will not automatically give you EbolAIDS by being in your party. Limbo has strong defensive and support uses, particularly against otherwise unavoidable damage effects; a properly modded Limbo who knows how to synergize with other frames in the team is no less useful than Trinity, albeit in a different way. When you completely refuse to cooperate with a Limbo in your party just because of memehate and go "Limbo is cancer, that's why" and actively hinder everyone by doing so, it's not very cash money of you. Be better – think for yourself, and don't let your dreams be memes.

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