Don’t make the fugitives invincible while the Wolf is around; make their death anger him instead

Warframe9 - Don't make the fugitives invincible while the Wolf is around; make their death anger him instead

Have the fugitives be vulnerable like normal, and make it so the Wolf gets angry for every one you kill/capture, gaining X% attack speed and Y% more damage to his attacks. Maybe even make him get a random eximus effect or something when you nab all three right in his face. Maybe if you want to be extra nice, make it so he loses some of his insane tankiness as he gets angrier and sloppier in his assault.

Clearly the intent of adding the fugitives to his spawn was to increase the stakes for when he decides to attack you, but I'd argue that this current design choice does the opposite: it makes a fool of the wolf, and makes him look much weaker. And he's more annoying than ever now.

Since the fugitives are capable of dealing a lot more damage than him with their molotovs, they're somehow the bigger threat when their own boss man is around. Coupled with the fact that they're invincible, this suddenly makes the wolf the weakest link of his own gang, because he has to be the first one to go down.

Making him get enraged by our capturing of his buddies would make him look like an actual leader, and a buff to his violence would do the double job of letting him stay at the top of his little hierarchy and fit with his whole theme of being a ruthlessly violent lunatic.

After weeks of people complaining that he just doesn't die fast enough, DE has decided to add another reason for us to want him to die faster (so we can deal with his superiors) without changing anything else about him to actually allow us to do so. This does nothing but add frustration to his fight for almost no benefit. The 150 standing you get for capturing his dudes is a measly pittance for the trouble he makes them be.


I understand that the intent to raise the stakes of the fight would be kind of ruined if the players could just backhand the fugitives out of the way in the first ten seconds, but you know what would have accomplished that without taking away player agency by making them invincible? Giving us an incentive to avoid killing them. Like, for example, making it so the wolf himself gets more dangerous if you do it. Make us want to not kill them.

It would be a choice instead of a hard railroad. It would actually raise the stakes because then you'd have to be careful to avoid hitting his cronies, or accept dealing with his rage. Both of those would make the fight a lot more engaging.

Sure, there'd be people complaining about jackholes killing the fugitives on purpose or through sloppiness, but at least that would be a people problem, not a critical design bungle. And it wouldn't remove player agency entirely.

Also him making them invincible makes no sense and has no explanation, which is just lazy. Are we supposed to believe he's somehow a reality-warping demigod who wastes this power on making three naked dudes unkillable? Is he some space wizard? Is it just that the power of friendship is even more magical than in My Little Pony? None of those make sense or fit his whole shtick. The most generous explanation I can come up with is that the invincibility is an abstraction of his leadership allowing them to beat the odds, so to speak. But if leadership and inspiration could make anti-aircraft weaponry bounce off your naked flesh, a lot of real-world wars would have ended very differently.

Having him get angry wouldn't need an explanation. Having him get angry would fit his theme, his lore, his character, and his toolset. And it would make sense.

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