“Draw not your bow till your arrow is fixed.” A Bow Rework thread

Warframe13 - "Draw not your bow till your arrow is fixed." A Bow Rework thread

Bows are probably my favorite weapon type in the game, and it's no secret that they're trailing behind other weapon types in power. Part of that is due to their ease of use (Lack there of). Warframe is a fast pace, bouncy, spinning, cluster of a shooter. We don't have time to draw the bow and aim at the head of that Scorpion that's pulled you 5 times by now. And not to mention the flight speed can feel like forever when you could've just used your Rubico and popped that Scorpion in the head 5 minutes ago. But that's part of their personality as Bows, and I don't want to remove their uniqueness, just lessen the burden that it would have on players.

Projectile Flight Speed Increase

Paris(MK1/Prime/Base), Dread, Cernos(Prime/Base/Mutalist): Increase Projectile Flight Speed from 70 m/s to 100 m/s

Rakta Cernos: Increase Projectile Flight Speed from 100 m/s to 140 m/s

Daikyu: I can't seem to find Daikyu's projectile flight speed anywhere, but it seems to be higher than Rakta Cernos after some testing (Around 120 m/s) So an increase to 170 m/s seems appropriate.

Artemis Bow: Increase Projectile Flight speed from 85 m/s to 120 m/s

Hit Box size increase


Anyone play Overwatch early in it's life and used Hanzo? Remember how his Arrow's hit boxes were pretty beefy compared to their model? I think Warframe Arrows need that treatment. An increased hitbox size would allow Tenno to hit their headshots while bullet jumping backwards in the rain with a Salix Solstice Syandana on, no problem.

Charge affects projectile speed not damage

The majority of Warframe tile-sets are close/mid range engagements. So when That Flameblade teleports into your face to fondle your farame, and you let loose a not fully charged arrow, it'll actually kill him.

Bow exclusive Stance mods

Arrows, Quiver, Bolts. Whatever you wanna call them. These mods would change how your arrows function.

Thunderbolt: Changed to a bow stance mod. Now explosions proc 100% of the time, and deal 60% of the arrows damage as the bows modded damage type(So no longer just blast). Can crit and apply status effects Removes punch through. No self damage.

Splinter: After striking a target/surface, arrow split into 3 and fly off towards enemies. Can Crit and apply status effects.

Chain: Arrows chain up 5 enemies slowing them and dealing 30% of the bows damage for 5 seconds. can crit and apply status effects. Removes punch through

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