Drusus Leverian is probably a Duviri, and there’s some good evidence for it.

Warframe11 - Drusus Leverian is probably a Duviri, and there's some good evidence for it.

This may have been already theorized multiple times, but from what I've seen, I don't think anyone has touched upon this. It's mostly just "new character, ambiguous, mysterious. don't know what he looks like, probably duviri?". But I think I've pieced together a puzzle and I hope this isn't some massive stretch.

This came to my mind when I was looking up some lines from Fortuna's NPCs. I stumbled across this old post, which shows the hidden Duviri lines that details a few things about them and their philosophies. However, one line in particular is what fuels this theory.

"Transported this Duviri, once. Got talkin', told me about the… this… well whatsit… 'Nominative Determinism', what you get named steers how you turn out. Maybe that's why the Corpus name some of us, not our kin? Is that loopy?"

Nominative Determinism, now that's a fancy word.

As the NPC describes, "what you get named steers how you turn out".

Nominative Determinism is a concept/theory in which a person's name has to do with what they'll be working with for their life. A great example of a name would be Steve Jobs, who under this theory, would be working on something related to jobs. Or it could be Bill Gates, who'd be working on gates. It also doesn't have to be just the surname, as the first name can also apply to this theory.

What about our friend Drusus here? Drusus Leverian. What is a Leverian? This refers to The Leverian Collection.

The Leverian collection was a natural history and ethnographic collection assembled by Ashton Lever. It was noted in particular for the content it acquired from the voyages of Captain James Cook. For three decades it was on display in London, being broken up by auction in 1806.


The first public location of the collection was the Holophusikon (or Holophusicon), also known as the Leverian Museum, at Leicester House, on Leicester Square in London, England, from 1775 to 1786. After it passed from Lever's ownership, it was displayed for nearly 20 years more near the south end of Blackfriars Bridge. When there it was often known as the Museum Leverianum.

The sections in bold are enough to tick a lot of boxes that describe the relation between Drusus Leverian and the Leverian collection. The first refers to what he showcases within the Leverian (history of a warframe, notice how he also showcases the complete collection for Gauss), while the second may just be an obvious reference already as the Leverian (ingame) is a museum.

With all this evidence, I do think that this is good proof that Drusus is indeed a Duviri. I've also done some research regarding the name "Drusus" itself, which leads upto a lot of roman history that could be worth another post (could be important to the Duviri plot, or just a character). Of course, I may be wrong. It might just be completely coincidental, or the writing team at DE thought it was a cool reference, but with the entire Nominative Determinism thing, I think its highly unlikely.

There's a lot of implications since we don't know if the Duviri are against or with us, so I'm hoping this serves to create a base for discussion in the future.

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