Ember kind of lacks an identity, which maybe is part of the reason a rework is difficult

Warframe7 - Ember kind of lacks an identity, which maybe is part of the reason a rework is difficult

All of these thoughts are subjective and maybe also incoherent. Giving it a shot at generating discussion.

My opinions, feel free to disregard and criticize if you like.

Fire can behave in so many different ways. It can also be wielded in many different ways. Other games feature defensive fire options, offensive fire options, fire that heals and protects, fire that harms yourself, fire that vaporizes everything and so on.

Ember has a bit of a messy kit of "different feeling" fire techniques. I want to try to identify different ways her kit can take.

As an example of "different feeling fire" Nezha has "Divine Fire" and "Fire Trickster" going on. He wields flames with grace and power, yet is incredible agile and can teleport. What Ember is a bunch of uncoordinated "feels" of fire.

Fireball is "Fire mage", Accelerant is "Pyromaniac", Flame Burst is could also be considered Pyromaniac or perhaps "Reckless fire". World on Fire is maybe "Uncontrollable fire" or "hot as the sun". Her passive is "Fire affinity", being one with fire but still not immune.

Below I will list a series of Fire identities that could help in giving Ember a role to play, and take her kit in that direction.

"Fire mage" Uses fire projectiles and "spells". Features straight forward damage, and not much else.


"Building heat" Ember becomes hotter and hotter (insert lenny face(urgh)) as she uses abilities and kills enemies, becoming more powerful as time goes on.

"Hotter than the sun" Set fire to everything, including yourself and maybe even your allies. Features lots and lots of damage, but also self harm. Ability one could be a flame explosion centered on Ember, setting herself on fire in the process.

"Flames of purity" Features a more defensive kit, using flames to burn away status effects and keep enemies at bay and setting up flame barriers.

"Too hot to handle" Abilities are all very powerful, but hard to control and may damage yourself. Losing control of your abilities leads to high damage but also big risks to yourself.

"Lady of flame" Features graceful use of fire, like fire whips and controlled charring. Some support abilites too.

"Pyromania" Makes use of accelerants and fuel to burn everything. Lots of lingering fire effects.

"Warmth" Purely supportive, healing with gentle embers and lighting the path ahead.

"One with fire" Completely immune to heat damage, uses herself as a conduit to power the fire she uses.

Hopefully this seems coherent enough.

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