Empyrean: in-mission crafting and ship consumables should be replaced with simple cooldowns and optional buffs

Warframe11 - Empyrean: in-mission crafting and ship consumables should be replaced with simple cooldowns and optional buffs

By popular request.

Crafting consumables to use things on your Railjack is a dumb idea and I hate it. It's a roadblock to the gameplay that doesn't need to exist, but worse than that it's a resource sink for resources that do not need to be sunk.

As it turns out, the thing that happens when you run out of main gun ammo is… nothing! You just don't get to use your main gun. And with how absolutely pathetic ship-mounted guns are compared to man-portable Archguns or enemy crewships, it doesn't really matter. I'm sure it'd be nice to use the giant missile launcher to nuke smaller ships, and the few times I've done it it was nice. But using this gun costs money, so I'm not going to use it. Same thing with the boarding gun: we've never bothered to use it, because your "away team" just flies over and boards on their own for free. And I'm going to slap whatever moron steals the helm and does use the main gun, and I'm going to slap whatever moron goes into the Forge and crafts more of it in-mission, because that comes directly out of our mission reward. And the biggest issue: this shit is expensive! If you take your Railjack into combat you will be breached. You will need a repair bitch. Someone has to babysit the ship and keep it from imploding, and this uses up your mission reward! A mission reward which is critically needed to craft better parts for your ship since your ship is critically underpowered. We've found a half dozen new parts, and we haven't been able to craft any of them because of the
556q2VJ - Empyrean: in-mission crafting and ship consumables should be replaced with simple cooldowns and optional buffs

high resource costs. Costs which would be fine if these resources weren't being funneled into keeping the ship afloat. And this is only for Mk1 parts, Mk2 parts are even more expensive. As it stands, your Railjack is a liability and a money-pit and it doesn't need to be that way. The winning strategy in Railjack missions seems to be to abandon your Railjack a few kilometers away from the mission area and then just proceed on Archwing until you can hijack a crewship instead. But I mean who could have predicted that?

We found far more problems than just this in even a short 4 hours of gameplay. Obvious, critical balance issues that never needed to be an issue in the first place. All of the systems requiring in-mission crafting and consumables could have been implemented with simple cooldowns or have been free to use:

  • Make the Omni-Tool free to use. Putting out fires is very similar mechanically to mining rocks. Should your mining laser cost resouces to use?
  • Make the main gun reload. It currently has a 12-round "magazine" before you have to craft more. So skip the crafting part and just give it a 30s reload.
  • Make the boarding cannon free to use. It might even be free, we've never bothered to find out because of how much more effective an Archwing is. If it costs money: it shouldn't.
  • Make the energy the ship uses recharge over time, and tie the recharge rate to the reactor. To be fair, we've never even used any energy because our one Avionic doesn't seem to work. But with how the fire extinguisher has been I can imagine this getting prohibitively expensive, prohibitively fast.

And if DE wants to keep the crafting because they like the animations or whatever, then let people craft buffs. If I start reloading the main gun and need to use it, I can shout down and have my repair bitch fast-track an ammo bundle up the ship to reload instantly. If there are a bunch of fires on the ship, let the repair bitch craft a ship-wide extinguisher charge to put out all the fires at once (there's already an Avionics for this). If the ship is low on energy, let the repair bitch craft an energy core to dump into the reactor for an overcharge. This way the in-mission crafting isn't required, but it can still be done to your benefit.

I want to like Empyrean, but man there are so many obvious problems already visible. They're not even all crafting-related, like what if an actual MR4 Smolt takes the helm and flies the ship into a swarm of fighters and we all die? Because we actually had this happen. An actual, honest-to-god uncolored Smolt. Not his fault, of course, he didn't know any better. But I'm sure you've all attempted a tricap with some moron who should know better.

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