End to end calculation of Bladestorm. Ash, the damage meme king. Very long, Tldr is not

Warframe14 - End to end calculation of Bladestorm. Ash, the damage meme king. Very long, Tldr is not

Kind of build I guess but I go way to far. Hope this isn't to much, function of multipiers with build confirmed in own testing and checked at each stage of multiplication for accuracy. Function of other frame abilities according to Warframe wiki.

I just put the end to end formula together for bladestorm and how you can add up potential damage of your intended build, you'll find even basic steel path won't require any str at all. This will also provide benefits in other pseudo exalted and exalted weapons such as valkyrs claws, and if your wondering how they apply to another frame you can check out the wiki for help

First of all STR itself in all of this is going to increase the base damage of this ability, base damage is equal to 2000xability STR expressed as a multiplier, i.e, with only intensify base damage is 2000×1.3 = 2600 base damage

Melee weapon mods will not contribute to the melee damage multiplier we get from the steel charge aura and weapon damage boosts that apply to our frame will not increase this bonus either. However melee damage bonuses that apply to the frame such as the steel charge aura(60%), arcane fury(180%), and arcane blade charger(300%), will all apply for the sake of this modifier, which is like the pressure point bonus for melee weapons etc. These bonuses will stack additively to a single multiplier. This doesn't seem like much but wait, there are additional multipliers to add up here.

Bladestorm is effected by the melee combo counter, most melee weapons will allow 12x combo mult with venka prime giving 13x. A 12x multiplier will give 3.75x dmg, and a 13x multiplier will give 4x. This is expressed as a multiplier and not a percentage, I will get back to why that's important to note in the final calculation.

Viral procs. This is another straight multiplier to potential damage, I use an unforma'd viral nukor but anything you can quickly proc 10 viral on a large group with is good. Don't worry about what you can and can't achieve, wait till I get to the low to high end calculations on just how high this can go and whats actually required to deal large amounts of damage on this very cheappy cast ability.

Forced status and true damage. Blade storm has 100% status chance and deals 100% True damage, uneffevted by armour, but effected by absolute resistance. When this damage applies it's status effect it is always slash, is effected by ash's passive, and is not effected by ability duration. and it will even apply to sentients, though only for one tick. This slash proc will inflict 43.75% of hit damage per tick, for 10 ticks over 9 seconds

Speed. Attack speed from arcane strike and mods placed on your melee other than berserker, will increase the animation speed of blade storm, making the process of your clones (two uneffevted by mods) jumping around a horde of marked enemies, you can't recast till the animation is over. Uneffected by mods such as natural talent.

Allied warframes. This is really the last thing cause you can't just have this in your build. Abilities that increase melee damage of allies require testing(unmentioned on wiki and I need an octav to check) the only one I know of is Octavia. If it does contribute to the melee bonus multiplier then it's 30%xstr mult(130 = 1.3) of the Octavia. Finisher damage boosts from Banshee and Excaliburs will apply, this is mentioned on the wiki, however as melee finisher mods and ash's 3 augment don't contribute to finisher damage of blade storm this will be an entirely new independent multiplier. Your allies can also carry steel charge for another 60% per and coaction drift could be here to (for the last calc I'll assume 3 allies have steel charge and coaction drift while ash has only has steel charge, this will be the memes calculation). And finally attack speed from a wisp or volt etc will effect the speed multiplier.


Time to calculate damage.

Please note ability base uses max level abilities.

Any percentage bonus to be converted to a multiplier is 100% / 100 + 1, the 1 being the base being multiplied itself. This means that weapon damage and viral damage providing for example a 100% bonus would then be providing a 2x multipliers, when adding multiple bonuses to one mult don't add 1 for each of them, it would be (100% + 100%) / 100 + 1 for 3x. Exception when using final STR as StrMult rather than mod contribution

Formula: (2000xStrMult) x WeaponDmgMult x ComboDmgMult x viral bonus X finisher bonus = hit. Proced = (Hit X 0.4375) X 10 over 9 seconds. Note one enemy can be marked for 3 hits per cast.

Example A: noob with out the mods to sustain counter, or any viral procs, but the steel charge aura, and intensify

(2000×1.3) X 1.6 = 4160 hit damage

(4160 X 0.4375) X 10 = 18,200 slash damage

Example B: an intermediate player with power donation for 100% STR because they are fighting weak enemies and they have both a melee with a long combo duration and a viral secondary weapon for this one it's 12x combo and we will assume 3 viral procs for 150% bonus dmg

2000 X 1.6 X 3.75 X 2.5 = 30k hit, 131, 250 proced. Again this is all true dmg

Now let's have a bit more fun. No venka P, 10 procs viral, one other ally with steel charge, and blind rage + umbral intensify (alone) for 243%

(2000×2.43) X 2.2 X 3.75 X 4.25 = 170403 hit, 745,513 proced.

Add arcanes and venka p to 'fun', but remove the allys steel charge(from now on only listing hit)

(2000×2.43) X (1+3.0+1.8+0.6) X 4 X 4.25 =528768

Now for memes. 300% STR build. Steel charge aura. Venka prime time. Viral of course. Allies are up, banshee, equinox, Excalibur, banshee. Everyone is running steel charge and everyone but ash coaction. Nidus specter used for parasitic link. Won't factor Octavia here cause that requires testing. Nidus buff according to wiki is based on receiving frames final STR, giving the bonus based on that, I wanted to throw arbi buff in but that's hit and miss and while it should work fine I'll just work with 300% STR ash first and then add arbi buff for 'if it works at full effect'. If you think you know a better way to provide melee dmg, STR , or finisher dmg then I use here let me know. over the 3 frames please make a comment about it. Using builds from online to get realistic usable bonuses other than eq(my own build can sustain the cap of 80%. 200% banshee, excal build for this were few and far so I'll swap it on a chromatic blade build. 236% STR. Both finisher bonuses are effected by str. Inc executing dash for bonus 35%

(2000x((3×1.25)+0.8)) X 7.47 X 4 X 4.25 X 13.43 = 15,519,828 hit only….. Bleed

A quick redo same calc with 6(00) for STR rather than 3(00)

If the arbi buff, only on ash mind you, works to full effect with nidus link The hit from this calc is 28,310,896 The bleed effect from that last one would be (x4.375 over 9 seconds)


For a total of 152,171,066 per mark. Memes of dmg. With stealth active 6 base energy cost per mark

Tldr; Ash can deal a fucking shit load of damage at a base cost of 12-6 per cast. Alternatively and the real point you don't need loads of STR to kill on the steel path with one marks worth of dmg whilst alone.

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