Endgame Endo Farm: Steel Path Shenanigans for 500-1000 Endo a Minute!

Warframe10 - Endgame Endo Farm: Steel Path Shenanigans for 500-1000 Endo a Minute!

Be prepared for a long read. There's no real way to tl;dr this without trimming meat.

Done properly, this farm yields a minimum of 1300 Endo in 4 minutes, and as much as 3000 Endo in 3. The setup and technique are meant to be solo-friendly, but can also be done with any number of players as long as they do not interfere with the technique. This farm can take a long time to get geared for and is meant for endgame players. However, you can taxi your friends regardless of their spot in the game.

SETUP: There are four key components to this setup:


-Naramon: All nodes in the Naramon focus tree are helpful in their own ways, but the most important nodes are Executing Dash, and Surging Dash. Executing Dash opens enemies to finishers, while increasing finisher damage taken, and Surging Dash drastically increases the area of effect while dashing, allowing more enemies to be hit. (
ROzORQ5 - Endgame Endo Farm: Steel Path Shenanigans for 500-1000 Endo a Minute!


-Magus Arcanes: While technically not necessary, it is incredibly helpful to bring Magus Lockdown in order to both stop enemies from attacking you, and allow easier location for quick kills. For the second slot, it is recommended to bring some form of healing, like Elevate. (
TEkqg3H - Endgame Endo Farm: Steel Path Shenanigans for 500-1000 Endo a Minute!



-Mods: Your Nekros build may be any run-of-the-mill despoil setup, as long as it has maximum range, to maximize loot chances, and enemy/loot radar, which greatly speeds things up. Here is my build: Enemy Radar in the Aura slot, then Vigilante Pursuit and Thief’s wit for radar. Overextended, Stretch, Augur Reach, and Cunning Drift to maximize range. Vitality and Primed Sure Footed to survive, and of course, Despoil. (
wfIv65G - Endgame Endo Farm: Steel Path Shenanigans for 500-1000 Endo a Minute!


-Arcanes: Arcane Ultimatum is an absolute must. It provides 1200 armor on finisher kill at max rank, and can refresh, meaning you will be able to survive long enough to activate your Healing Magus Arcane after your shield gate breaks instead of just being one shot by the executioners. The second Arcane can be either Arcane Fury or Arcane Strike. Fury grants an additional 180% melee damage on critical hits, and Strike has a smaller chance to increase your attack speed on hit. I chose Fury for consistency.


You only want to take two weapons with you, the Ripkas, and a gun that can rapidly apply many status types. Please note that while both of my weapons have rivens, they are not required.

-Phantasma: I recommend this gun because it’s hitscan, comes out quickly, can apply several statuses with just a tap of the trigger, and can hit multiple enemies at once. Because it will not be able to even scratch the executioners on its own, there is no point in trying to deal damage with the gun. Instead focus on just status.
My Phantasma has maximum multishot, plus dual stat Viral/Heat, and Lingering Torment for a more forgiving window to finish off enemies. I also have a riven with raw Fire rate and Multishot, allowing me to apply as many at 50 status procs with a single trigger tap. Without a riven, I would use Frail Momentum, as damage doesn’t matter, and fire rate is a whole other multiplier for statuses per second. Finally, I have on Shell Compression to both deal with the negative of my riven, and to avoid ever having to restock on ammo. (
NfzFsbB - Endgame Endo Farm: Steel Path Shenanigans for 500-1000 Endo a Minute!


-Ripkas: This is by far the MOST IMPORTANT part of the setup. The Ripkas are special, because they have access to Amalgam Ripkas True Steel, which while not as strong as Sacrificial Steel, allows the weapon to almost always split bodies apart, completely eliminating the need for other squadmates to try to split them apart with their own weapons (It also increases the Phantasma’s reload speed by 20%!). The stance doesn’t really matter, but I take Vermillion Storm.

The rest of the build is as follows: Primed Pressure Point and Condition Overload for high damage increase. Primed Fever Strike for elemental damage. Organ Shatter and Gladiator Might to increase critical damage (and by proxy finisher damage). Finishing Touch for additional finisher damage as a separate multiplier (additive with Executing Dash). And finally Primed Fury to increase the speed of the finisher animation, as well as to quickly chop a body that wasn’t split by the finisher.
I do have a riven (which I got stupid lucky on) that replaces Primed Fury, while also bringing the critical chance to just below 100% (The Void Stalker focus node consistently keeps this above 100 without extra effort), on top of adding another multiplier with extra Damage to Grineer. (
40eyngP - Endgame Endo Farm: Steel Path Shenanigans for 500-1000 Endo a Minute!

  1. MOD BOOSTER: Yeah, you knew it was coming. A mod booster stacks with the Steel Path modifier for a 4x chance for endo drops. Expect half the output if you can’t get one. Also, only ONE person in the squad has to have one for the entire squad to benefit. If someone gets one from Sortie, scoop them up when you go!

Notes: Companion does not matter, as you do not get to bring them with you to Rathuum, and no set sticks are of good help.

If you bring other players, there are no particular frames I would recommend, as all other loot frames are dependent on energy, forcing the group to wait and burn time, and most loot abilities also CC, preventing finisher attacks. However, if your squadmates really want to feel useful, a second nekros is always helpful for handling all the body parts, and could also bring the proper setup, unleashing two killing machines into the arena (this is very hard to coordinate, however, as you need to stagger the last kill or two so everyone can pick up endo).


When the mission starts, take note of the modifier. Reinforcements is the only one that matters, making the farm easier while solo, but more chaotic and dangerous in a group. Once you assume control of your Warframe, immediately jump across between the circular area and the stairs while casting desecrate; the enemies always spawn here first and you can get the jump on them with your Operator.

To kill any given enemy, you must first Void Dash through them, making sure they take damage from the Dash (straight down doesn’t work), then pepper them with your status weapon, and press activate to finisher them. Most enemies will die immediately (or take multiple finishers depending on a variety of factors) and may or may not also immediately split apart. If they do not, melee their dead body a few times before moving on to the next target.

As soon as you have killed a target, go immediately to the next, and rinse and repeat until you reach 24 kills (23 if you want to play it safe). Pick up all the remaining Endo on the field before killing the last enemy, then stand and wait over its corpse. You are invulnerable as soon as the 25th kill is made and you can wait for the end mission screen without panic. Done well, mission time ranges from 2min 30-odd seconds, to 4 and a half minutes, depending on spawns and enemy AI.

Notes on Procedure: Try to stay within the circular area. Enemies tend to spawn nearby there. But do not let that stop you from seeking out enemies as fast as possible.

It is very easy to get into it and get the last kill without noticing. Do not be discouraged, it happens occasionally.

Demonstration: https://youtu.be/NjExaWHoIno


Most executioners can safely be dispatched without pause, but some need special attention. Below is a list of the executioners and precautions needed:

○ DHURNAM: Blind Grenades can be annoying, and he often drops Silent Battery instead of Endo, reducing gains.

○ DOK THUL: Not a threat.

○ GARESH: Incredibly Dangerous and annoying. His Arc Traps can and will one shot you if you don’t get out of their radius immediately. Can still teleport when Locked down if he starts the animation.

○ GORTH: The hardest to kill. If he activates his Iron Skin, you can accidentally give him a hefty amount of extra EHP. Even after it wears off, he retains high damage reduction. Kill the moment you see him.

○ HARKONAR: Not a threat. Ignore her clones. Her invisibility is easily countered by the lockdown beam and damage numbers while dashing and can still be finisher’d while invisible.

○ NOK: Not a threat. Ignore his Carabus.

○ RETH: Not a threat. However, when he respawns his roller, it sometimes counts as a point for your team. Stop kills at 23 instead of 24 when he’s present. He has ruined past runs for me.

○ VAY MOLTA: Not a threat. Somewhat annoying to kill when she is locked down in the air or mid-dash, but she eventually comes out of invulnerability/falls down.

○ ZURA: Watch out for her napalm grenades, they can inflict lethal heat procs. Otherwise not a threat.

Notes on enemies: If you can help it, never kill any of the executioners’ minions except Harkonar clones and the Reth roller. Clones never count as a point and the Reth Roller can count as a point if respawned by Reth.

Keep in mind that this is Steel Path and these enemies are almost level 200. Any of them can destroy you if you get shield-gated without noticing. If you're not the one killing, bring Vazarin as your focus with Protective Dash/Guardian Blast to heal your health/shields and retain invulnerability.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. I plan to eventually translate this wall of text into a full video with voice, but my mic is god awful so it won't be soon.

To the mods: I believe this post is following all rules, including Rule 7 on self-created content. If there are any issues, please let me know.

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